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Website Hosting:

You will stay in touch with our technical experts as they handle all your website's executive and technical aspects, making sure that everything comes up to standard with your goals.

Whether your company website already exists or you need us to develop it, we will connect you with efficient hosting servers tailored to your business needs.

Leading servers for your business

We link up most of our clients’ websites to Amazon web servers, one of the most fantastic servers in the world. Their high speed and security levels remain unmatched, making them the perfect web host. 

Website hosting with minimal downtime 

We will ensure that your website is fully equipped to face any online obstacle by providing it with unlimited storage as well as unlimited bandwidth. 

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Endless email storage

Aside from connecting you with the right website host, we analyze your goals and projections in the upcoming years to provide you with sufficient email storage. While we prefer that our clients have unlimited space so they don’t lose important emails, we check if the nature of their business requires massive email storage.

You will always be able to get in touch with your clients and send them as many emails as you want. In addition, our technical support team will always be available to guide you through any problem that might occur.

E-commerce website hosting

The configurations and needs required to manage an E-commerce website are different from those of a regular website. Therefore, it’s wiser to evaluate your e-commerce web hosting before clients start having difficulties following through with an order because of your website’s inability to load. 

The biggest problem e-commerce websites usually face is having a lot of downtimes, mainly caused by their specific needs of producing a higher traffic flow than regular sites. Website downtime occurs because e-commerce sites send a great number of requests to servers that can not handle them. 

Your online store needs to be fast to boost your online presence and maintain a high-quality user experience. People use the internet to make instant purchases; users will drop it for rival businesses if your website takes too long to load.

According to Statista.com, “Since January 2021, 59.5% of the world population (4.66 billion people) have been active internet users, and 92.6% (4.32 billion) have accessed the internet through mobile devices”. With the constant growth of mobile usage on the internet, E-commerce websites should be hosted on servers capable of managing and handling mobile orders to keep users happy.

E-commerce security

To provide the best online experience for your customers, your online domain must be secure and safe. Since E-commerce websites have more users, solid hosting servers with more extensive security measurements are needed to keep both users and sites safe from any online danger. Every e-commerce store has to cater to its visitor’s specific needs by having a user-friendly website that satisfies their demands.

Origin delivers a complete bespoke hosting package for your website, connecting you with effective servers like Magento, Woo, and PrestaShop that will render your e-commerce fast and consistent. 

Opting for our services guarantees that your website is hosted on a protected server with customary SSL integrations and limited downtime.  

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What’s SSL integration?

Nowadays, there has been a remarkable upsurge in hackers that steal private and secret data. As an online shop owner, you must keep your e-commerce business safe. Setting up an SSL certificate is highly advised if your site includes data transfer elements.   

When you install SSL certificates on your web server, the small data will kick start the security lock and the HTTPS protocol, establishing a safe connection between your web server and your user’s browser. 

SSL integration is usually applied to procure the user’s private information, safe credit card transactions, logins, and data transfer. At Origin, we provide various SSL certificates exclusively built to meet your e-commerce needs.

Out-and-out server hosting connections

In addition to our website design and development services, Origin offers to hook you up with the ideal web server that will singularly host your e-commerce and give you complete access to its environment. Furthermore, we will provide a smooth website experience with superior website speed and huge storing space. 

Efficient server hosting allows for a steady website speed as it is not distressed by the busy cycles of the various sites placed on the same server. It’s ideal for e-commerce websites and personalized applications that demand additional explicit hosting requirements and bigger space to function without hiccups.

At Origin, we always link in-house developed websites with suitable hosting services. We can also find convenient hosting environments and manage your website if it's already developed. 

“Web hosting is the lifeline of every website”

Premium website management services

If you have more urgent tasks to attend to and prefer not to concentrate on managing your website, Origin can set you up with its optional website managing service. Our skilled experts will make sure that your website conforms to the latest updates and requirements to attract optimum traffic. 

Our website management services include:

·  Backing up your website daily.

·  Monitoring your uptime

·  Executing a daily security check

·  Updating Themes, Plugins, and WordPress

·  Testing your website on all browsers

·  Reviewing site analytics

·  Examining loading times

·  Checking your Forms

·  Deleting unused Plugins and Themes

·  Improving your database

·  Updating your copyright information in the Footer

Even if you currently own the timeliest, most striking, and competent site ever, the internet will still find ways to constantly surpass you with expanding new cutting edge designs, speed, development, and marketing strategies. Therefore, your business needs to stay one step ahead of its competitors and beat them by keeping track of the latest trends. If you choose Origin’s website management services, our team will constantly be on the lookout for prospective website enhancements and supply you with essential upgrades. 

A professional company knows how to progress with time. Whether you require constantly updating your information to match your client’s feedback, releasing new products and services, rebranding your website, or revising your rates and bundles - Origin will manage everything.

For every upgrade your company makes, your website needs to follow. 

At Origin, we save your business the time and trouble of instigating the required updates for your website to stay effective and take care of it ourselves. 

Origin’s website management services are available for our recent and pre-existing clients and tailored to your needs. If you require a one-time service of setting specific changes and plugins for your website, or you’re seeking a more permanent deal that consists of monthly or quarterly management and checkups, we promise to keep your website up-to-date.

Are you looking to optimize your online presence? 

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