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Video advertising:

At Origin, we will create, shoot and develop video campaigns for your brand, using different video ad formats that can appeal to your clients in various ways, on all video apps and websites. 

Even though all your video advertising content needs to be uploaded to YouTube at first, it can also be posted over the Google Display Network, and seen on any smartphone and tablet.

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“If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video can do for your brand”

You can use a variety of Video Ads

1-   TrueView Video Ads 

The upside of using TrueView ads is that you’ll only get charged when a user watches or interacts with your video content, that way you don’t lose money over inaccurate interactions and random impressions.

You can find two types of TrueView ads:

   ●   In-stream ads: These ads can be played before, during, and or after YouTube videos, on partner websites, and apps. The viewer has the option of skipping these ads after watching the first 5 seconds. This type of ad spreads awareness for your brand, products, and services while being displayed via video.

   ●   Video discovery ads: This type of ad is usually displayed where users discover new content; on YouTube, you can find it next to the “related videos” suggestions or on the YouTube homepage. If users are interested in what you’re offering, they’ll be compelled to click on the thumbnail, watch your video ad, and become customers.

TrueView Videos ads are most suited to be used across the Display Network and on YouTube, particularly if you want to promote and boost your content before some other targeted content. 

2-   Bumper Ads 

Quick and straight-to-the-point ads that will deliver your brand’s message and expand its awareness, using fast video formats made to reach the maximum number of people possible.

3-   Outstream Ads

This type of video ad can only be found on mobile phones, they’re displayed on apps and sites that are associated with your brand.

Outstream Ads are generally used to expand the scope of your mobile video ads and help you get more clients for your company.

Origin videos will tell your story

Video ads are a powerful tool for any business. Making high-quality ads that are visually pleasing and posting them on your website, social media accounts, and landing pages will draw more people in and increase traffic on your website. 

We have skilled professionals that are always up-to-date with the latest trends and shooting tricks. We’ll take charge of your video ad production process, from start to finish. 

Our team will come up with an avant-garde concept for your ad with a creative script that stays faithful to your brand’s identity.  We’ll cast top-notch actors, hire the best crew that will light, shoot, direct, and edit your ad, even use animation, motion graphics, or special effects if needed, to make sure your ad looks as extraordinarily captivating as possible. 

Ads that are done with an outstanding creative flair give personality to your business, establishing some sort of trust with your clients and making them bond with your brand. They’re also a safe investment, due to the notable return on investment (ROI) they always provide.  

Furthermore, posting your video ads on YouTube along with posting them on your social media platforms will only grow your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and generate more traffic to your site, since Google also includes videos in their search results. 

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