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Social Shopping:
How social shopping became a necessity

People no longer use their social media accounts to connect and post about their day but rather search for products and buy them. A MasterCard study shows that 73% of consumers in the MEA region have been shopping online since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 highlighted the importance of online shopping. The number of people staying at home increased, which resulted in changes in consumer behavior, leading businesses to amend their marketing strategies and shift their focus towards social media platforms. 

At Origin, we help our clients to utilize their social media accounts as advertising weapons to raise brand awareness and increase sales.

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“With social shopping, you’ll have anything you desire at your fingertips”

Online shopping via Social Media

While scrolling down on their phones or watching stories on Instagram, people will come across your ads, learn about your products and start inquiring about your brand. 

Shopping ads on social media are visually rich, which creates a captivating experience. By posting a carousel of photos or a video showcasing your products, users become inclined to know more. That’s where the Call-To-Action button comes in handy; it allows you to redirect users wherever you want - to your direct messages to connect with your customer service, or to your phone number to make a call, or to your website to make an instant purchase of the product. 


Apps that focus heavily on visuals like Instagram have massive traffic since they’re a source of inspiration for users worldwide. In addition, with the rise of brand ambassadors and influencers promoting products on their accounts, consumers started using Instagram for online shopping. 

According to retailtouch.com, 72% of users decide on purchasing an item after seeing a post or story on Instagram - now, millions of accounts on the app are clicking on shopping ads to browse and buy products.  

Instagram Shopping:

With Instagram Shopping’s features, brands can display their products within Stories, organic posts, and ad campaigns. In Addition, Instagram shopping increases the discoverability of your products and matches them to your target audience in the Search & Explore section on the app, making users find and buy your products instantly.

The Instagram shopping features include:

1.  Shops: if you have a business account, this feature lets you create a bespoke digital storefront so that users can purchase your products directly from Instagram.

2.  Instagram Shops: not to be mistaken with “Shops,” as it’s an in-app feature that you can access by clicking on the “bag” icon next to the “reels,” and takes you to a list of collections and products that the app Algorithm suggests for you based on the accounts you follow, posts you like, and in-app behavior. Instagram Shops display all the businesses that have Instagram accounts so that users can easily come across brands and new products.

3.  Shopping Tags: This feature lets you focus on the products in your posts and stories. When a shopping tag is added at the bottom left of your post, consumers can click on it and see the item’s name and price. They can then get redirected to your Catalog or website to buy the product.

4.  Product Detail Page: When Influencers on Instagram tag a product in their posts, it gets added to a product detail page so that buyers can get more images of the item they desire. In brief, a product detail page displays all the data about a specific product, such as photos, sizes, description, prices, and CTA that leads to the brand’s website or E-commerce. It also contains a list of recommended products that users can browse.

5.  Ads with Product Tags: If you want to grow brand awareness, then Instagram ads with product tags are what you need. You have the liberty to use your uploaded posts as ads or completely design your ad via Facebook’s Ad Manager. Instagram advertisements influence users to visit your site, browse your products, and purchase them.

What Origin does to your Instagram Strategy

People open social media to follow their favorite brands, influencers, and celebrities, stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends, as well as get creative by posting artistic videos and pictures. 

With more users posting and checking stories daily, Origin creates striking shopping ads for your company to STAND OUT and cut through the digital noise. 

Our team strives to boost your social media presence, get your brand extensive exposure, and increase your ROI.

Let’s set you up with a winning Instagram strategy! 

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A different app that centers on visuals gets high traffic is Pinterest. According to sproutsocial.com, 85% of users purchase an item based on a branded Pinterest post they see. In addition, Pinterest added a buy button to pins back in 2015 and a shopping cart in 2016; this allows people to buy products from various suppliers on the platform. 


Facebook became a platform for social commerce competing against Amazon and Google Shopping. In 2018 it introduced a Marketplace feature that found more than 800 million users purchasing, selling, or searching for products. 

The Marketplace is a user-friendly feature that has a structured design. For example, consumers can look for the items they want to buy using price and location filters; it also helps them sell their products faster.

At Origin, we design eye-catching Facebook ads, post them, manage your account, and study its analytics. Our team strives to increase brand awareness, boost its exposure, and encourage users to buy your products and services.

The advantages of Social Shopping

Social shopping provides better client engagement because it englobes a large audience with different backgrounds. You can use GeoTargeting, specific keywords, or aim for the niche you want by observing their Instagram patterns, interests, and behaviors.

The benefits of putting your products up for sale on social media are:

●   Audience growth: Social media is thriving as more people create accounts and join this ever-growing platform. Your brand will be constantly exposed to new people, increasing brand awareness and sales.

●   Authentic Engagement and Traffic: the most important benefit of social shopping is the interactions and reach your brand achieves when you post compelling content. When you are continuously displayed in a consumer’s feed, you will influence them to check your products or services, visit your website, and even make a purchase. In addition, social media allows you to interact with your clients via polls and questions on Stories, the comment section on your posts, and live feeds where you can directly engage with them.

●    Getting shared and recommended: A double-edged sword that can make or break your brand. When clients are satisfied with your products and services, they can easily share your posts or page via their stories or DMs. They can even post images or videos tagging your brand, giving you free advertising. But when they’re disappointed, they can post negative reviews and talk about their poor experience, making you lose potential customers and money.

●   Higher Search Engine Ranking: companies that advertise their products via social media have higher search engine rankings. Boosted engagement leads to displayed content that targets your audience and increases sales. Consequently, this generates organic actions such as link build-up, reviews, comments, and recommendations, enhances your online presence, and optimizes your search engine ranking.

●    Forming a long-lasting bond with your customers: when consumers are satisfied with your products and services, they will trust your brand, advocate for it, and keep coming back to make more purchases. Origin makes sure to create captivating ads for your business and monitor your relationship with first-time buyers to turn them into regulars.

●   Detailed Analytics: Social media gives you complete insights into your performances with their built-in metrics for impressions, engagements, and reach. Furthermore, you can check how many people are visiting your profile or clicking on the link to your website and analyze your number of likes, followers, and interactions. These metrics show your ROI and assess whether or not you’re using the right marketing strategy by helping you evaluate your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to see if you’re reaching your business goals.

Why Origin?

Origin creates campaigns that are bespoke for your brand goals and needs. We study your target audience's online behavior; what posts they view, what purchases they make, and what branded accounts they interact with; our goal is to ensure that your brand is getting the exposure it needs and attracting more followers and customers.

Our team of social media experts and copywriters has multiple methods to pique users' curiosity and influence them to buy your products or services. From designing vibrant stories and compelling content to employing the right hashtags, hopping on new trends, and creating a theme of aesthetics custom-made to embody your brand, Origin will go above and beyond to connect your brand with the right audience and grow your revenue. 

Do you need help promoting your products and managing your social media accounts? Look no further! 

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