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Social Posts:

We live in a digital era dominated by social media - Customers search for you, explore your content, ask around about you, and check your reviews in order to understand and believe in your brand, then contact you. 

They need to be persuaded as to why they should choose you and not your competitors to buy your products and/or use your services. When a person starts their buyer’s journey, social media is the easiest resource for them to decide which business they want to go with. 

“Social media has redefined the advertising game”

Why is having a social media presence important?

Having a social media presence means consistently publishing eye-catching content on your social media platforms. If done properly, your posts will help push your brand, display your identity, grow your network of consumers, and form a trust bond with them. All of these work in harmony to encourage your clients to contact you directly and increase your earnings.

As beneficial as it is to have a social media presence, it demands a lot of organizing and commitment. 

Managing your own posts can be very beneficial since nobody possesses more knowledge about your business than you. But it can also be time-consuming and go sideways if you don’t check the analytics on your posts and adjust your upcoming content correspondingly. 

At Origin, we’re always ready to assist you with your social media problems. We’re one call away if you’re seeking guidance to benefit more from your social media presence. 

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There are a couple of aspects you need to focus on for your post-management to be efficient:

●      The timing of the day in which you choose to post.

●      The variety of content displayed.

●      The target audience for your content.

●      The number of posts you send out. 

Origin has had years of experience in devising foolproof social media strategies, analyzing the best time of posting and the target audience, varying the displayed content, as well as choosing how many posts to send out. Note that there is no “one right way” to manage your social media posts. It all comes back and relates to the nature of your business, your goals, and the subject matter you’re working with. 

Our team at Origin has content strategists, designers, and brand experts, all of whom are skilled in digital marketing. We keep tabs on the latest trends and social media algorithms and utilize cutting-edge programs to reach optimal results. We help increase your market reach online with consistent monitoring of your post analytics using proficient tools to assess several metrics, such as post reach, post engagement, page responsiveness, likes, page visits, and actions on-page.

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