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Social Media Ads :

The most popular and effective aspect of social media is paid advertising, with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter on top of the list. 

If your company is not taking advantage to promote on these platforms, you can do some research about it or chat with our experienced social media team to learn more about the advantages of paid advertising on social. We can provide you with some insight into the potential growth and ROI of your business with social ads. 


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Following an informal discussion with the team, we schedule a meeting with you to learn more about your industry, investments, business ambitions, and your plans for the future. Then, we’ll have an in-depth understanding of your company and create the right social media strategy for your brand. 

Facebook is often regarded as an all-around advertising channel suitable for targeting different generations. On the other hand, if you’re looking to target businesses, CEOs, and commercial companies, LinkedIn is a better fit, because it can provide you with more relevant engagement and a higher return on investment, but it needs a bigger budget than other platforms. In comparison with the sophisticated, adult-based LinkedIn, Twitter is faster than other platforms and often attracts a younger audience, therefore, more youthful brands may profit immensely from this medium. 

When it comes to detailed precision, social media channels are very rich in data, making them the greatest and most accurate kind of advertising for demographic targeting and conversion tracking. 

For example, when compared to television commercials, social media ads have the same impact on the audience, except the fundamental distinction between social and offline mediums is the ability to choose your target and the massive amount of data you collect online. This provides you with great control over who sees your ads, when, where and how many times they are seen. (And of course, social ads are a lot less expensive!) 


“Social media has revolutionized the way we advertise for services and products” 

Social Media Platforms


Origin is always on the lookout for new and innovative methods to assist brands in achieving their goals, all over the middle east and the world. Whether it’s raising brand awareness, increasing website traffic, encouraging sign-ups, or eventually boosting revenue. 

Facebook has over two billion users logging in every month, no matter the demographic you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find them here. It’s an excellent solution for businesses looking to reach a wide audience or those who are just starting to advertise and want to test the market. 

The good thing about ads is that they are adaptable to run on various devices and can appear on people’s news feeds if they are using a desktop or a mobile, as well as on the right-hand column on desktops. Thus, increasing the potential reach of said ads. 

Furthermore, we can effectively monitor the results of these advertising and provide you with precise reports, using top-notch reporting tools and software.  


Let’s get you set up with Facebook advertising and help you increase your business return. 

Send Origin a message now [email protected] if you think we can help you with Facebook advertising.



Instagram is a major platform that can be used to attract a huge number of people from the younger generations. Instagram has more than 800 million active users, with 60% of these users being under 30. 

Because this visual medium is so popular among young adults nowadays, investing your money to promote on it is critical for cutting through the clutter. If your target audience is part of the younger age groups, it will be worthwhile to advertise using Instagram. In fact, 50% of Instagram users in 2021 were more interested in a brand after seeing an ad for it on Instagram. 

There are over 2 million brands that use Instagram advertisement to reach their consumers, engage followers and promote their products. If your company is ready to lead the way of your industry using creative and engaging content, we’re here to help – contact us



Twitter is the perfect platform to amplify your message and increase the number of people talking about your brand. 

What’s good about advertising on Twitter is that ads don’t have a minimum budget requirement. You pay for the exact results you desire, which can be additional account followers, get more retweets and likes on your content or increase website traffic. Twitter ads are extremely flexible, instead of working with a fixed budget, you can adapt it to your current business needs. 

Origin understands that every business and each brand has a distinct target. Twitter offers strong targeting capabilities, allowing your content to reach the proper audience, no matter how detailed or niche your target is. There’s gender targeting, language targeting, interest, and behavior targeting, based on users’ shopping and spending patterns. 

Twitter is also equipped with advanced analytic tools for tracking cost-per-result and online conversions, allowing you to proactively change your content depending on what is and what isn’t working. 

Send us a message today to help you with Twitter Ads. 



The world’s most popular professional social platform – targeted ads on LinkedIn can help expand your business immensely, it’s fast and effective. If you want to create awareness around your brand and generate leads in minutes, this is the perfect platform for you. 

This business-oriented platform is excellent for targeting company executives, and decision-makers, and high-quality audiences in a professional context. For example, instead of personal hobbies, you may target job titles, functions, and industries. 

Origin will quickly get your ads up and running with LinkedIn advertising and those leads will start flowing in! 

Let’s get started today! 

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