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Shopping Ads:
Finding the right audience is vital

Your target audience usually includes the people that look for your products online, no matter their location. The advantage of cleverly placing shopping ads on the web is that you only pay when a user clicks on it, gets redirected to your site, and browses through your stock. 

Shopping ads are not your basic text ads. They also include:

●  Name of your shop

●  Title

●  Images of the product you’re selling

●  Prices

Types of Google Shopping Ads

The three categories of Shopping Ads that you can integrate into your Google Shopping strategies are:

1-  Product Shopping Ad: Designed ads that match the information you filled in about your products on your Google Merchant Center profile.

2-  Showcase Shopping Ad: Designed to raise brand awareness by making people come across your inventory. When you assemble similar items, users can compare the products you offer to find the one that suits them most.

3-  Local Inventory Shopping Ad: Designed to feature product information about your local inventory, it displays details about your products and physical shop to appear in Google search results for nearby customers.

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How Shopping ads work

Shopping Ads are displayed on YouTube, Images, or when people type in keywords related to your product on Bing and Google Search engines.  

Setting up a Google Merchant Center account allows you to register important information about your products. Google determines in what ways and places to display your shopping ads online. People will see ads about your products when they search for merchandise that’s similar to what you sell.

For a more efficient shopping ad strategy, Origin provides you with TrueView format. It renders your ad interactive, sends users to your products page, and gives them the right details that persuade them to buy your products.

“Shopping ads are the big selling point to your products”

Google Shopping ads benefits

Your products will standout

Google Shopping ads increase the visibility of your products by inserting them at the top of Google search results. Your company’s product will be displayed over the organic results whenever people search for key terms related to your products. 

In addition, because shopping ads include photos and essential information about your product, they become more alluring for customers who will be enticed to click and visit your website.

Bigger ROI

It’s always wise to invest in Google Shopping ads since they’re superior through a variety of metrics such as:

●  Cost-per-click (CPC): According to WordLead, 65% of users click on CPC ads which means that shopping campaigns boost engagement with your shop.

●  Click-through rate (CTR): Advertising performance agency Merkle discovered that users are 63% more likely to click on the Shopping Ads displayed on Google, a number nearly twice as high as the number of clicks obtained by text ads.  

●  Conversion Rate: The same study by Merkle suggests that shopping ads deliver a greater conversion rate than text ads - 30% higher on desktops and 21% higher on mobile.

All these metrics create traffic for your shop, increase your sales, and expand your Return on Investment (ROI).

Wider reach

Shopping ads can now appear beyond Google’s standard search results. Since they are valuable for both consumers and promoters, Google has granted them more prominent access that includes Google Images, Google Display Network such as Gmail and Youtube, Google Search Partner Websites, and the shopping tab on Google Search.

Unlike paid search ads, which are limited to only appearing on a user's search page, Google Shopping ads allow you to display them in any location you want, including but not limited to search result pages. 

Therefore, your Shopping Ads can reach a wider audience of buyers. 

High-quality online traffic

Because Google targets the right people, it displays your shopping ads to the consumers that are genuinely searching for products similar to the ones you provide. 

Users that look for a product online tend to be serious about purchasing it. So when Google decides that your product matches the search, they display a shopping ad that redirects the client to your website.

The information included in Google Shopping ads enhances the quality of your traffic by allowing people to compare prices, reviews, features, and other crucial aspects before making any buying decisions.

Simple to establish and monitor

Starting a Shopping campaign doesn’t require texts or keywords; you just need to access your Google Merchant Center account, where the product feed will do the work. 

Furthermore, it will save you the effort of always including information about your products manually because Google Merchant Center has tools that take out the data from your shop and upload it to your feed.

Google Merchant Center also ranks your campaigns whenever a Google search highlights various items from your feed. For example, if a client searches for swimwear, Google will display selected products such as the lowest-cost products.

Helpful analytics

Google Shopping ads have reporting tools to develop your ad campaign. Since it is difficult to see how your Shopping ads are doing, evaluating their data is extremely useful because it makes you aware of how your campaign is performing compared to your rivals.

Google Shopping ads convey a detailed overview of your product's online performance. You will observe your product performance during any process and use filters to understand how they perform on the brand and product group scales. Plus, you will examine data about clicks, average cost-per-click, conversion metrics, impressions, and others.


Nowadays, online shopping is gaining massive engagement via smartphones, and Google shopping ads are known to achieve high performance on mobiles.  

When users search for something on their phone, they view 15 shopping ads above organic search results. Therefore, employing unique and noticeable shopping ads increases the probability of your brand being discovered, unlike text ads that Google restricts to only two displays for every mobile search result.

Why Origin?

At Origin, we provide Google Shopping services by creating bespoke shopping campaigns that match your brand aesthetic. We aim to produce massive web traffic and increase the click-through rate on your shopping ads.  

Our experts will monitor the keywords people use to search for your products and design shopping ads that boost your online presence. We will take care of your Google Merchant Center and then get an estimate on how much money you want to spend days on pay-per-click ads. 

Our team will strategically place your ads on Google to enhance your conversion rate. Whether you’re a local shop or a global seller, we strive to target the right searches, keywords, and websites to increase your brand exposure. 

Origin’s advertising experts will analyze and study the analytics of your shopping ads and evaluate their performance. With our collected data, we will know if our marketing strategy needs any modifications, to fully optimize your ads and grow your ROI.

Need any assistance with your Google Merchant Center and shopping ads? 

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