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SSL Integration:
Play it safe with SSL integration

What is an SSL certificate?

Installing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates provide small data files that trigger the security lock on the HTTPS protocol and set up a safe connection between a web server and a customer’s browser. 

Origin’s SSL Integration services

We provide a diverse range of SSL certificates; we hook you up with the right fit after analyzing your business needs and goals. From basic protection to the strongest SSL certificates, our experts will offer your company’s website a complete registration and application of the transport layer protocol. 

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The importance of SSL

When people engage with your website, they might be asked to create a profile or register details about their preferred payment method. If your website doesn’t have an SSL Certificate, your customer’s information will be at risk of being corrupted or stolen. The prime role of an SSL certificate is to encrypt your users’ personal information like credit card numbers or passwords and keep them safe. 

Another benefit of having an SSL Certificate is that they prevent your business and your clients from being a victim of phishing attacks. Phishing emails are sent illegally from spam users that pose as your website to try and get sensitive information from people. An SSL Certificate hinders the scammers’ job because your website becomes very hard to impersonate. 

“Delivering a reliable user experience is Origin’s number one priority”

The benefits that SSL adds to your website:

1-  Authentication: SSL Certificates assure that the servers you connect with are real and not spammers, hackers, or viruses. 

2-  Data reliability: SSL Certificates ensure that the data exchanged between your servers and clients’ browsers remains safe and untouched by any malware. 

3-  Encryption: SSL Certificates ensure that the communication between your website server and users’ browsers stays hidden and confidential from online hackers.

4-  SEO Ranking: Websites that utilize HTTPS with SSL Certificates get an increase in their Google ranking and will turn up in a higher position on search engines. 

Why Origin?

Origin has been a powerful network of visionary experts ever since its foundation in 2014. Our skilled experts go above and beyond to provide you with a wide range of services such as SEO, PPC, graphic design, and social media to deliver the message your brand wants to send. 

They will thoroughly go through your business goals and requirements before tackling your issues and finding helpful solutions to solve them. For example, if your customers have to share their private information on your website, you need to own SSL Certificates that guarantee they’re fully protected. Origin follows a fast and straightforward protocol of applying sure-fire SSL Certificates for your website.

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