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SEO Software:
SEO software build better SEO campaigns

Origin builds a successful SEO campaign by combining our team’s skills and knowledge of using cutting-edge SEO software. It’s vital for people using SEO software to have insight into how they work and whether or not they match the targeted SEO and marketing campaigns. After that, you’ll have accurate information in your hands and will be able to make better choices that lead to higher website rankings.

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“SEO is the fine line between existing online and being seen.” 

Types of SEO Software

1-  Google Keyword Planner: Keyword Research is a tool that usually comes with Google AdWords and is employed in SEO campaigns because Google Keyword planner gives you a list of numeral target keywords customized for your customers. The ultimate benefit of the Keyword Research tool is that it allows you to take a look over how many searches users in specific towns and locations make that involve your chosen keywords.

2-  Google Webmaster Tools: used for search and site analysis. This tool gives us a preview of how Google showcases a website when users look for it. Origin’s staff employs it to:

-Send sitemaps to Google and save your website in their database

-Verify if your site is on Google’s radar

-Make sure to target the right regions

-Go over the keywords Google is using to rank your website

3-  Google Analytics: this tool is vital for getting a good analysis report. Google Analytics’ features aid business owners to see how and when people interact with their websites. From collecting data, observing and examining web traffic, to reporting issues, Google Analytics gives you an overview that presents how much time people spend on your websites and the patterns behind their behavior.

4-  Trello: A tool like Trello is perfect for website managers because when used with SEMrush, it optimizes SEO. SEMrush is an online feature that allows users to evaluate the SEO data of their website and their rivals’ sites. It’s also utilized for keyword research and online ranking data, and gathers data about the keywords used on Google and Bing search engines. Combining SEMrush with Trello lets you transform the SEMrush data into tasks on Trello. For instance, with the Site Audit feature you can detect the problems that are affecting SEO and convert them into tasks on Trello to get them fixed. You can access other tools such as Topic Research which tasks your copywriters with new subjects to write about, or Content Audit which lets you monitor your website content and search engine ranking.

5-  Majestic SEO: Origin uses this tool to keep tabs on link metrics, especially backlinks. It lets us observe the common links between our clients’ websites and their competitors.

6-  Grammarly: this certified proofreading software is a must-have for any content writer. It examines grammar and spelling errors in the website content you compose helps you find them and fix them because sites with impeccable grammar and language have higher SEO. With the Premium package, Grammarly goes through more than 8 million websites allowing SEO experts to spot plagiarism to Origin’s copywriters constantly using it to evaluate the content they produce, making sure that it’s unique so that your site ranks better on search engines.

This certified proofreading software is a must-have for any creative writer. Origin’s copywriters constantly use it to evaluate the content they produce before posting it.

7-  Copyscape: this tool’s primary goal is to verify whether the content you post on your website is authentic or copied from another source. If you want your website to have a high SEO ranking, your site needs to produce unique material.

8-  Web CEO: The first step Origin takes when working with a client is to put their website on Web CEO; this tool inspects the ranking status of your target keywords, SEO problems, broken links, inbound links, and more. Our team will reach out to you every month with a complete report about the scan.

9-  Visual Website Optimizer: a tool used for A/B testing. It contains a point-and-click editor that helps us design various versions of your website and landing pages to find which version generates the most sales. This tool is also used for heat map analysis, the process of evaluating heat map data to understand how users engage with your site. It helps us improve our site designs, increase traffic, and get better conversion rates.

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