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SEO Site Analysis:
How SEO affects your online presence

The challenges that follow creating a solid marketing campaign centered on SEO are many, especially when there are various components to ponder. Origin knows that building a website is not even the hard part; you need to organize and develop your content, determine your site’s online presence, and examine your backlink profile as well as your social media performance.

Opting for the SEO analysis services that our well-informed and skilled team of specialists provides will make your website thrive online. Our SEO site analysts start their work by familiarizing themselves with your business and its goals, then checking out your current marketing strategy and site. After that, they’ll set a foolproof maneuver to boost your online presence and help you accomplish your business goals.

You will be given a run through our SEO services and an accurate timeline that determines when and how we’ll reach your goals. At Origin, we value our customers. Therefore, we are all hands on deck throughout our service for any issues, notes, comments, or queries. Our professional team is fully equipped and devoted to helping your brand become the next big thing.

We evaluate your online presence and performance and take into consideration important factors. Afterward, we'll provide you with an in-depth analysis that contains all of these criteria that informs us how your website is performing to detect and fix any problems. The report incorporates:

1-  Website content: covers keyword-targeted content, image Alt tags, meta titles, and descriptions.

2-  Website structure: covers website speed, structured data, comparison of coding to best practices, robots txt files, redirects, and canonical.

3-  Backlink profile: covers google page rank, quality of links to your website, and volume of links to your website.

4-  Social presence: covers the number of likes and shares of your website pages and examines your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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“Origin is all about creating exceptional experiences that immortalize your brand”

Origin’s website services

Over the years, Origin helped several brands have a solid online footing. We design practical sites that are aesthetically pleasing, post captivating content, and cater to all SEO requirements. Every website was once a concept born out of conversation and brainstorming. Our team will sit with you to fully grasp your brand’s story and goals and determine how our services can enhance your online potential.

Origin is ready to tackle any project. Are you looking for expert web designers to build you a fresh, innovative website that functions with every social media platform? Or do you simply want a one-time SEO service to optimize your website traffic? Our goal is to help all brands find their voice and get discovered by millions online.

Backlink examination

Our SEO site analysis service will examine your website's backlink profile, which plays a big part in your SERP ranking (search engine results pages). By definition, a backlink profile consists of every site that connects to yours. Google checks the websites linked to yours, examines their quality, and establishes your ranking.

Our team of experts considers multiple factors when examining your website backlinks, including the number and the quality of the links that lead to your website. In addition, origin analyses your backlink profile quality by looking at the impact of different factors, like domain author, relevance, credibility, anchor text, and link placement.

Website content

There are specific SEO requirements your website needs to meet to rank at the top of Google search results. For example, displaying meta titles and descriptions for people to see when they look for you on search engines will reflect professionalism; websites that feature targeted content and image alt tags get more online engagement. 

In the fast-paced world of technology, people stay away from search results with lengthy titles and overwhelming meta descriptions. Instead, a clever title with a simple outline that explains the provided services or products attracts potential customers. At Origin, our creative copywriters will produce eye-catchy meta titles and descriptions for your website that embody your brand, showcase your competence, and give insight into your products and services to your target audience. 

Website structure

In order to outshine your competitors, you need to design a website with smart SEO tactics that will create hype for your brand both online and offline. Our skilled professionals work hard for your website to be visually striking, user-friendly, and efficient.

At Origin, we create responsive online domains that provide the perfect user experience whether your clients are opening your website from their phones, desktops, tablets, or any smart device. Moreover, our web designers use the most efficient coding protocols, the fastest speed, and the best robots txt file to ensure that conversion rate and website traffic keep growing so that Google retains your site in the top-tier ranks.

Social presence

Nowadays, social media has become fundamental to boosting SEO, because it’s embedded in people’s lives. Everyone has no less than one social media platform they constantly check. Origin helps you use the wide world of social media to your advantage and boost your online presence. Our digital marketing connoisseurs will open a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ account for your business and manage them to guarantee that your pages get a substantial amount of likes and shares to spread your brand awareness.

Our Human to Human (H2H) approach examines the needs of consumers and compares them to the services and products you provide to hook you up with the ideal advertising campaigns, expand your followers, and increase your return on investment (ROI). We combine buyer psychology, neuromarketing, strategic marketing campaigns, years of experience, and eloquent copywriting with our SEO site Analysis services to keep your brand trending.

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