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Responsive Web Design:

In addition to our creative design and content services for websites, we make sure the development phase is flawless and responsive for desktop browsers, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Android Tablets and Phones, Iphones, Ipads, and Mac devices.

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Benefits Of Responsive Design

The website should be responsive for a more enjoyable user experience. You get an enhanced web browsing and loading speed thanks to features like caching, image display which increases the time it takes to load all pages of your site. It’s also easier to fill out forms on a responsive website, which increases the chances of converting leads to customers, and visitors to subscribers.

As for e-Commerce sites, a responsive design allows customers to zoom in and out on products, a very important aspect when browsing shopping websites. With many people now buying online via their smartphones and tablets, this feature might mean the difference between shoppers choosing your website or going to a competitor’s website to buy the products.  

The benefits of having a mobile-friendly design can't be overlooked in today's increasingly technological world we live in. The responsiveness will make for better viewing between different platforms such as smartphones or tablets rather than just computers where one normally browses websites.

“68.1% of all website visits in 2020 came from mobile devices”

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2020, 68.1% of internet traffic came from mobile devices. Therefore, your website needs to be optimized to fit on all types of screens, allowing your customers to browse freely no matter the device they are using.

Having a responsive web design allows businesses to edit and upload content from their smartphones, which means you can edit and add content to your website however you please.

The end product is a website that is both visually appealing and practical.

Your website visitors will be easily guided from one page to another, without endless scrolling, increasing their satisfaction, which ultimately leads to profit. Even better, responsive websites benefit from better rankings on search engines, which boosts your company's online visibility.

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Google Prefers Mobile-Friendly Websites

Google’s algorithm hates slow-loading websites. The faster your website is to load the higher its chances of being ranked on top of your competitors.

Our team members are experts when it comes to SEO, Google Analytics, and Ad Words. They know how to construct responsive website designs that can help your firm rank higher in Google searches, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. Taking into consideration the content developed for your website, the easy-to-navigate information architecture, and intuitive design.

Additionally, by choosing a responsive website, You can control the website with a single set of URLs, simplifying maintenance and saving time. As a result, you'll get the flexibility to develop a single SEO approach that works across various devices. A single website is significantly easier to optimize and consumes less time. This results in less material for your business to handle.

Easier monitoring and reporting

A responsive website means that businesses would no longer need to track their visitors’ journey across different sites. Instead, you can benefit from having all of the information needed in one place. Using advanced tools like Google Analytics will allow you to track consumer behavior successfully and generate a single. easy-to-understand report.

Therefore, you will benefit from easy analytics reports where you gather all the necessary information to improve and expand your business.

First Impressions Matter

It takes 6 seconds for a new user to form an opinion about your website, based on its navigation and branding. Therefore, if your site loads slowly, has a clunky design, or has perplexing navigation, then you risk losing customers. If you want to increase conversions and minimize bounce rates, all you need is a responsive web design.

Our responsive website design solution may be combined with various additional services to improve your website even more.  Our creative team of graphic designers can produce compelling visuals that establish your brand image and make a positive first impression. While our SEO, PPC, eCommerce, and Mobile Apps specialists can make your brand reach your audience and stay one step ahead of the competition.

As an award-winning agency for website design with extensive experience in UX/UI, our websites are always creative and tailored to suit the purpose of your business. At Origin, we take your online presence and branding seriously. We'll work with you to create a website that provides an unforgettable user experience.

Contact us to learn more about how your business can benefit from our custom responsive website design services.

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