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Remarketing ad services:
What’s remarketing?

Think of remarketing as a reset button that allows you to connect with those who often engage with your app or site. Then, cleverly displaying ads in front of these users on social media, Google, or other partnered websites will be your second shot at making them interested in your brand and becoming full-paying customers.

From spreading brand awareness to growing your profit, boosting your enlisting rate, reducing shopping cart abandonment, or any business goal you might have, you need to think about creating efficient retargeting strategies.

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“Optimize your conversion funnel with Origin’s smart remarketing techniques.”

Google ads remarketing techniques:

●       Standard Remarketing: Aimed at the users who always check your site when surfing the Display Network.

●       Dynamic Remarketing: Used to communicate ads targeting people who visit your e-commerce website and yet make their purchases on other sites. We will ensure your ads are displayed on these websites to enhance conversions. 

●       Remarketing lists for search ads: Used to target users that continue searching for the service or product they’re looking for on Google after checking it on your website. 

●       Video Remarketing: Display your ads to users that have watched your content on social media or YouTube by strategically placing them in the apps and sites they use or other videos they view.

●       Customer list remarketing: Use the data your clients have shared with you via Customer match to display your ads throughout multiple Google searches and reconnect with them.  

The advantages of remarketing

An efficient remarketing strategy knows which user to pursue before employing methods to attract them. Delimiting your target audience can be established in many ways, such as demographic and geographic targeting, analyzing how much time users spend on websites, what product pages they search for, and how many pages they visit.

The benefits of remarketing are:

1.    Staying connected to your audience: remarketing will allow you to keep in touch with your audience even if they’re not visiting your site or looking for you via search engines. It will come in handy to remind people about your brand and encourage them to try your products and services.

2.    Increasing conversion rate: using an online marketing strategy centered on remarketing will jog people’s memories about your products and services. It will make them remember your brand when they decide to make new purchases.

3.    Higher ROI and lower cost per conversion: the cost per click -or the cost per conversion- for remarketing ads is usually less than the cost per click from search campaigns. It’s imperative to remember that some of your remarketing audience is generated straight out of your search campaigns, so it’s better to manage both remarketing and search campaigns together.

4.    Free conversions: A free of charge method, also known as “view-through conversions,” where users randomly see your ad online, and instead of clicking on it, they decide to visit your website and become paying customers directly.

5.    Niche targeting options: Very beneficial when you have a massive remarketing audience, and you’re not sure who to reach out to. You can filter out a particular target audience by group, age, gender, marital status, location, people that haven’t bought your products yet, or any other option you want.

6.    Efficiently targeted ad text: if you know which people usually visit your site, you can target them by designing aesthetic visuals or ad text that will help you lure them back to your website to buy your products.

7.    Effective Call-To-Action displays: remarketing is an excellent method to display new compelling Call-To-Action that will lead people to revisit your website to check your products and services.

Why Origin?

Whether you’re a new customer seeking our remarketing services, or an old client looking for a new remarketing strategy, Origin’s got you covered. Our skilled team is devoted to evaluating your brand’s strengths and weaknesses alongside your target audience’s needs and behaviors before implementing a foolproof remarketing strategy.

Our remarketing services are flexible as they’re specifically tailored to match your brand’s requirements. Our marketing experts will implement all the techniques and retargeting strategies necessary to turn prospective clients into paying consumers. 

We offer numerous remarketing services, from offline (flyers and posters) to online (emails and social media) remarketing. 

Our services include sales funnel strategies that take your customers on a journey reinforced with strong call-to-action, powerful messages, and discounts until they finally buy your products or services.

All these methods are carefully aimed to give your company another opportunity to appeal to a larger audience and successfully convert them into active clients.

Need help narrowing down your target audience and setting highly-effective remarketing strategies?

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