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Presentation And Proposal Design:
Nothing beats a charming proposal

If you have ever attempted to create a presentation using the available desktop publishing software, you know how difficult and frustrating it can be. As a creative marketing firm, Origin is well aware that a successful presentation necessitates visual and content coherence among all aspects to be effective. 

Origin’s creative team will take everything they know about your company and turn it into a visually appealing layout with font and pictures that will engage your target audience.

The road to making a presentation can be challenging and time-consuming; every step of the process is sacred. Downgrading the design phase only causes harm and will be noticeable in the final result. At Origin, we specialize in creating seamless outlines with elements that complement each other flawlessly.

Weakly crafted proposals risk hindering the communication between you and your customers, to the point where they might lose sight of the essential data presented. The proposal's design must be functional and aesthetically beautiful to ensure that the viewers assimilate all the displayed information. 

Let us do what we do best and create you an awe-inspiring presentation!

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A good presentation needs thorough preparations

The first step Origin takes to build a strong presentation is to apprehend your company’s needs and goals. Next, our art directors will study your business profile before outlining a personalized proposal establishing your company’s purpose. Then they will use artistic templates, write eloquent content, and showcase your company branding through aesthetically pleasing visuals.

A winning presentation keeps all its aspects in harmony. A non-coherent design might disappoint the customers, while a messy one can alarm them. Our creative team will strike a balance and present your company with a memorable proposal that will dazzle the minds of the clients you’re meeting. 
No matter the line of work you’re in, Origin will help you craft a proposal that will make you stand out with a unique design that perfectly captures your brand’s message.

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Arm your presentation with a theme

We use state-of-the-art conventional software to build exquisite designs. In addition, we render all our proposals in digital formats such as HTML5 or PDF, which are readable and user-friendly.

A professional presentation can target several types of audiences with different goals, internally and externally.  

●  A presentation is an easy-to-distribute solution that will equip your team with the proper knowledge to maintain your brand identity. 

●  Startup companies can employ well-crafted, compelling keynotes to promote trust, reliabity, and professionalism.

●  Existing companies pitching new products or services can utilize professional presentations to captivate potential investors. 

●  Businesses can keep their employees, partners, and customers informed of new developments by issuing regular presentations. 

We ensure that your presentation or proposal resonates with the audience and delivers a compelling storyline using the expertise of our in-house team of creative designers.

“Origin’s presentations impress, inform, and seal the deal”

Every presentation follows a narrative

How you choose to convey the message your products or services hold is vital for your brand aesthetic. When you fill your design with meaningless elements, your customers become overwhelmed and lose sight of your company goals.

Constant and coherent design features give out facts that can be easily interpreted and help you create a signature slideshow style. Every aspect has to match your brand’s fonts, written voice, and colors to express the tone of your products and services. When done right, proposals paint your business as professional and trustworthy.

You should be able to explain the reason why you chose to incorporate every element in your design the way you did. Having an agenda adds value and consistency to your presentation and helps you make a statement to astonish your customers. 

Origin will help you tackle your proposals in a way that sets you apart from your competitors. Our approach centers on providing you with beautiful and practical designs and enlightening you on the meaning they hold. If your clients ask any questions about your presentation, you will be ready to answer them all.

Storytelling lies at the heart of every professional presentation. Our content experts study the flow of the information, the quality, and the quantity of the data you need to present and write up a coherent and easy-to-follow presentation that will not bore the intended audience. 

Our team of creatives will follow up with you every step of the way, from early drafts to final results, ensuring that your audience is blown away by your proposal. 

An original proposal guarantees that the information conveyed will be crystal clear regardless of the educational background of the viewers. High-quality presentation designs offer an excellent structure that displays precise data about your company, products, or services in a well-thought-out manner that highlights your business strengths. 

The main reason why you should opt for our presentation design services is that we’re very resourceful. Origin delivers a wide range of proposals that vary from a simple one-on-one conference to big corporate meetings, with the option of accessing them online.

Why Origin?

At Origin, we highly believe that all your brand needs to shine is that one meeting that will encourage someone to take a chance on you. Building an engaging and pleasing proposal is very challenging. However, our team is ready to help you through every step of the way to allow your business to stand out. 

When you properly craft your proposals, they have the power to influence your advertising campaign. We design the perfect layout to fulfill your requirements and permanently catch your customer's attention.

Combining oral and visual presentations gives you the upper hand. Aligning remarkable imagery with neat and expressive wording reflected through refined typography charms the viewers and intrigues them.

Proposals are versatile. You have the endless advantage of adding or removing information as you see fit. In addition, you can edit any data or bullet points of your presentation to match the diversity of your audience.

If you have a pitch in mind and need help creating the perfect presentation, give us a call, and let us get started on it today!

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