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On-brand corporate stationery:
Keep an eye on the tiny details!

The corporate stationery consists of multiple products that display your logo. They can take the form of printed material such as notebooks, letters, bookmarks, business cards, invoices, envelopes, receipts, documents, paper, etc. Or they can include objects such as office supplies, USB flash drives, and pencils. 

Sharing your stationery with prospective clients and spreading them around your offices reinforces the idea of your brand and its image. In addition, it helps raise your brand’s profile. 

At Origin, we will design any stationery object you want while taking into consideration your budget so that we can provide you with the content and material that fits your brand the best. 

If you’re looking to design stationery items like new calendars, cups, paper pads, or more, we have very skilled creative graphic designers who can create innovative corporate stationery that fit your brand personality. 

Keep your brand top of mind with Origin’s remarkable graphic design services.

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“Details set the difference between good and excellent marketing”

Business cards: a crucial element of corporate stationery

Business cards continue to be the key to advertising your company. This type of corporate stationery is essential for introducing your business to the market and boosting your brand awareness. 

Without being affected by technological advancements, business cards remain extremely valuable. Owning them will make a unique first impression on your clients, proving that you’re a professional company that cares about its image. 

Business cards are more than just an easy way of sharing your contact information with prospective customers. Instead, first-class business cards are the perfect means to make people start talking about your business as they forge trustworthy relationships between the two of you. 

Origin’s corporate stationery services

At Origin, our graphic design team will come up with a fitting business card outline that embodies your brand’s identity. Our designs feature captivating and stylish fonts and an easy-to-read structure that isn’t jam-packed. Instead, they only cover the most important elements about your company, such as its name, address, and contact information. 

Our creative experts will deliver extraordinary designs for all your stationery needs, considering your budget and double-checking all the data they have on your company before making any moves.

We aim to grow your clients’ base by providing distinctive and easily sharable corporate stationery items that will keep your brand current and fresh.

Get in touch with us today and benefit from our on-brand corporate stationery services.

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