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Mobile Marketing:
Phones: a vital necessity

People have become so attached to their phones that they build their entire lives around them, relying on mobile devices daily to get things done, from setting alarms and reminders to using google maps, sending emails, and much more. As a result, businesses can constantly reach prospective clients through mobile devices.

Mobile ads are highly influential. The places they can be displayed are unlimited; whether users are ordering food, searching for a specific item, booking a flight or a hotel, or browsing for a workshop online, you can always find a way to get their attention.

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Different types of mobile marketing

The internet has made it easy for you to study your clients’ lifestyles, monitor their online behaviors, and influence them at the right time regardless of their location. 

There are numerous ways to communicate with your audience:

●  Text Ads: Appear in the highest ranks when users search for keywords or expressions that connect to your brand, products, or services. 

●  Display Ads: Origin’s team can provide you with spectacular graphics, from dazzling static images to animated visuals to charm your target audience. The beauty of display ads is that they can be presented everywhere on the display network, including Gmail, inside Apps, and many websites like YouTube. 

●  Shopping Ads: The most efficient way to showcase various products is to display them on paid or organic search results on Google. It’s essential to add the product’s name, price, and image for your audience to see.

●  Maps: The most efficient way to showcase various products is to use paid or organic search results and display them on Google. It’s important to add the product’s name, price, and image for your audience to see. 

●  Geo-targeting: If you want to make sure that the right people are watching your ads, you can use your analytics to find out in what area, city, or country most of your audience lives, which helps you target them explicitly. 

●  Custom Audiences: Classify people based on the sites they visit. By using Custom Audiences, you will be able to specifically target the users you want and effectively capture their interest.

●  Remarketing: When people check your ad, browse your website and yet don’t enlist your services or buy your products, Origin instigates a good remarketing strategy for your business. We create custom lists and target users who visit your website in the hopes of driving them back to your website for them to finish their booking or purchase. Remarketing is a clever technique to employ as it optimizes brand awareness and gives your business a second chance to shine. 

Origin will gather a team of professionals to handle your Mobile Marketing, from strategy to application. We will help you stay top of users' minds - give us a call

“With mobile marketing, you have the world in the palm of your hand.”

The benefits of Mobile Marketing

According to Datareportal, as of 2021, there are 5.22 billion mobile phone users in the world. Seeing the constant increase of smartphone users, companies started to focus on mobile marketing, and you should too. 

Regardless of the nature of your business, having a strategic mobile marketing strategy lets you influence clients faster than any other traditional marketing tool. From the many excellent mobile marketing benefits, we list the following:

1- Fast and Accessible: 

According to Oberlo, 56.7% of web traffic in 2021 has come from mobile devices. To stay current, you have to follow your consumers, and that’s where you need to be. Mobile marketing is successful because it’s easy to access. With Origin's mobile marketing campaigns, you can instantly target your audience and connect with them anywhere and at any moment. 

2- Allows you to target worldwide audiences and segment them:

If your company wants to get hold of a wider audience, mobile marketing has the power to spread your business on an international level. You will be in control of the audience you want to reach by setting preference filters such as location, gender, purchase behaviors, hobbies, or age.

3- A variety of marketing channels:

Mobile websites: Since most website traffic derives from mobile devices, mobile websites make an efficient marketing channel. Many people check their smartphones on the go to look for specific websites and make purchases; that is why your business website should be mobile-friendly. 

Mobile Apps: You can showcase your ads inside mobile apps or design a personal app for your business. Having an app makes purchasing easier on your consumers, grows your brand awareness, and allows you to engage with your clients.

SMS Marketing: Text messages have shown a more effective response rate than email or Facebook.

QR Codes: A new trend for mobile marketing, people can scan QR codes and be taken to a website to see specific content.

In-Game Mobile Marketing: Another way to reach an enormous audience is through displaying your ads inside mobile games.

4- Cost-effective:

Improving your company site for mobile use or sending text messages to promote your products or services is more cost-efficient than other known marketing methods. A remarkable advantage for new small businesses that don’t have a large budget for marketing, they can create brief and straightforward content that reaches a massive audience and optimizes their sales. 

5- You can go viral:

Because mobile content is highly sharable, it gives you the chance of going viral. Origin can help you produce Grade-A content that people will automatically share with their family and friends, resulting in your brand getting massive free exposure.

6- Mobile marketing is more intimate:

People’s dependency on smartphones has developed to the point where these devices have become an extension of themselves. The content that consumers view on their phones has a more intimate feel than any other source. Your business can take advantage of this point to produce more personal and relatable marketing strategies and gain a big following,  

7- Easy to track results:

With the advancement of technology, it is now super easy for your business to track your mobile marketing campaigns. By examining the click-through rate and interpreting the responses to your mobile marketing, you can elaborately adjust your campaign. As a result, your brand will become more relevant, flexible, and authentic, which will result in a greater Return on Investment (ROI).

8- Optimizes your search engine rankings:

If your business stays highly active across all social media platforms, it will rank better on search engines. Linking your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to your company website will boost your SEO rankings. Moreover, Origin provides pay-per-click strategies and creates unique content for your mobile marketing strategy to enhance SEO, placing your brand at the top.

9- Mobile experiences influence purchasing decisions:

People that use smartphones expect to be able to:

- lookup your business online

- browse its website and social media accounts

- contact it 

- find offers, discounts, and packages

- make purchases

They expect their mobile user experience to be fast, smooth, and efficient; a positive mobile experience leads to online and offline purchases. Any bad experience like downtime, glitches, or bugs will push them to abandon your brand and look at your competitors.

10- The ability to test your results:

You can use A/B testing for your mobile marketing campaigns. You will be able to test the performance of every aspect of your marketing strategy, from content, CTAs, and video ads, to targeting preferences. You will see which one offers higher traffic and engaging rates with your users and discover which element works for your brand and which one doesn’t. 

Origin will ensure that your mobile marketing campaigns are constantly analyzed, measured, and upgraded for your business to keep getting the best results and optimizing your profit.

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