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Mobile App design & development:

9 out of 10 customers read a push notification within three minutes of receiving it. This is one of the many advantages of developing a mobile app tailored to your brand’s specific needs.

At Origin, we have a dedicated team for mobile apps that are eager to help your business create the perfect app. We’re all about turning your vision into a reality and making your business more accessible to consumers. Our experienced app designers and developers will study your market and anticipate changes to provide the most adequate solutions.


Contact us today if you want to give your consumers a more efficient method to engage with your company, reward loyalty, or if you just have a brilliant app concept you want us to develop.

What exactly are Mobile applications?

Today’s customers are always on the move, which only pushes us to keep creating and innovating new and more accessible ways to reach them. Mobile apps are simply programs that work on smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, through which, users can access your company’s information, products, and services from any location in the world.

Mobile technology is an advantage that businesses should not miss out on, and applications are one of the leading aspects of this technology. Apps play a critical role in attracting and maintaining clients, especially that people spend most of their time online and a huge percentage of them use their mobile devices to access the internet. In fact, 60% of global traffic comes from mobiles and tablets, according to BroadbandSearch.

The benefits of Mobile Apps for business

●      Strengthens your brand image

●      improves accessibility and visibility 

●      Boosts online sales 

●      Increases exposure across several devices 

●      Reliable marketing channel 

●      Expands your customer base 

“A professional app with a professional look and feel”

Types of applications

Loyalty apps 

A loyalty app is an amazing way to engage and reward your customers. It allows your clientele to earn and track their loyalty points on the go. It’s a smart approach that helps your brand get noticed by new people. Origin’s loyalty apps can include many useful features:

●       A list of your products and services

●       News & events 

●       New offers and promotions 

●       Contact details with quick call options

●       Advanced Booking platform

●       Loyalty program with QR code integration 

●       Management platform 

Promo apps

Promo apps are used as an information platform for customers. It’s like gathering all the info about your brand in one place for people to access. These types of applications are great for musicians, celebrities, chefs, personal trainers, dancing studios, event management, designers… 
Promo app features are:

●       A wall for fan commentary 

●       Image & Video Gallery 

●       Music Playlists 

●       Youtube plugin 

●       Social Media integration 

●       Blogs & articles 

●       Podcasts 

●       Download support 

●       Push Notification

eCommerce apps 

Since having a website for your business is sometimes not enough, creating an app where your customers can shop their favorite products is a great addition. With eCommerce mobile apps you can increase brand recognition, improve your marketing communication, and enhance your customer’s experience. Here are some of the features you can include in eCommerce applications:

●       Custom branding 

●       Intuitive Signup/sign-in process 

●       Creative design

●       Social media integration

●       Rating & feedback 

●       Wishlist button 

●       Push notification (especially beneficial when people leave items in their cart) 

●       Easy Checkout process 

The Origin Process

Our application development goes through 5 different stages.

1-     Meeting and briefing 

2-     Graphic design and interface design 

3-     Information architecture and wireframe designs, which should be approved by the client 

4-     Developing the infrastructure and framework of the app 

5-     Beta test, debugging, final tweaks

After the final approval, the app is then submitted for publication on Apple and Google Play for the launch, which might take between a few days and a few weeks. After launching your app, we can create marketing campaigns to promote it.

Origin also provides maintenance services if requested. Because every app is different, a custom-made maintenance contract is created, based on your app’s needs. We cover all sorts of software updates and management, which includes answering questions, scheduling appointments, sending reminders, uploading content, push notifications, collecting comments & reviews, depending on the requirements of your business.

Take advantage of the increasing usage of mobile apps and CONTACT US for a new and revolutionary new application. 

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