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Menu Design:
“A well-designed menu carves a path to your customers’ hearts (and stomachs)”

To be a successful restaurateur, you need to ensure that every aspect of your restaurant is perfect. Some visitors will judge the whole vibe of your restaurant based on the menu presentation, and if they’re impressed, you have gained yourself a recurrent customer who is going to recommend your place to friends and family. A menu designed with professionalism and attention to detail can make all the difference when pleasing patrons as well as drawing in new visitors. 

Origin creates menus that are tailored to your restaurant and your brand identity. We will design a custom layout, using creative graphics and appealing architecture that encourages your customers to pick what they want to eat smoothly and without disruptions, allowing them to have an enjoyable experience and leave a lasting impression. 

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The Creative Process

No matter what type of cuisine you serve, a well-crafted menu can ensure that customers have an enjoyable experience. With our team of experts, you can be confident that your menu will look professional, visually appealing, and user-friendly.

During the design process, you’ll regularly meet with our team of creatives to discuss every aspect of the design to ensure accuracy in all the information presented, from pictures to prices, and everything in between. It’s a two-way relationship; from discussion to proofing through final approval before printing/binding, we’ll be connecting every step of the way. 

Origin takes the design process seriously. We pride ourselves on our high standards and care about every single detail displayed on your menu. 

Every menu is customized to match the color scheme and décor of your restaurant. In the end, you can’t have a laminated menu at your high-end luxurious restaurant. Nevertheless, a sleek and elegant menu will look awkward in a fast-food restaurant or at a coffee shop. 

After setting up the color and style of the menu, we move on to pick the most appropriate font for your design. Choosing a professional and easy-to-read font is a crucial element of the design. Our team will carefully select the best typeface that complements the look and feel of the menu. In addition to dishes and drinks, we can also include other information such as history about the restaurant, contact info, or social media links if desired!

Once every detail is looked over and every element is in place, we’ll share with you the final version of the menu for your approval before sending it to our printing partners to create the highest quality menus (or you can hire your own printing agency and we’ll advise on the best quality for your restaurant). 

Contact us today about your menu design and we’ll make sure everything looks perfect before launch day arrives.

The benefits of a well-designed menu system

A well-designed menu system is 

"One that creates a smooth, efficient user experience as people move from one item on the menu to another."

In other words, a menu should lower cognitive load and not diminish the quality or speed of the person's interactions. It shouldn't be visually distracting either. Menu designers also need to consider cultural differences regarding color schema and imagery preference. 

A concise and clear menu is an effective tool for upselling. All you have to do is highlight the most important items creatively to help your waiters point out your best-selling dishes, while the less popular items can be added in the middle or at the end of the menu. 

Another important aspect of any restaurant menu is the language. The copy should be well written, the dishes described adequately, without any typos - our in-house copywriters will make sure that the copy on your menu is proofread, correct, and ready for print.  In addition, if you choose to include images, it can provide an opportunity for people who are interested in trying different dishes before they choose what food items should be ordered from the regular menu. 

Today's landscape requires flexibility to adapt quickly

Restaurant menus have been present for decades, but have evolved into valuable marketing tools for restaurants of all kinds. 

Whether you are looking for a Table Talker, a large-sized menu, or an online menu with a barcode, we’ll create an unforgettable dining experience for your customers. During the pandemic of 2020, we were able to quickly adapt and help our clients create online menus for dine-in and delivery. The elements of design can differ between printable and online menus; our team of creatives can quickly adapt your menu accordingly. 

Why Your Restaurant Needs A Creatively Designed Menu

A professionally designed menu is a great way for a restaurant to make a first impression on potential customers as well as provide valuable information such as the items offered, prices, and hours of operation.

A restaurant menu can also include already established brand logos and slogans much like a company brochure or printed advertisement. The standard format used by many restaurants allows companies to use their menus as an opportunity to reinforce their brand's identity with existing customers. 

An eye-catching menu will not only entice customers to visit your establishment but remember it as well! It allows them to enjoy their experience all the while instilling confidence in your brand as a whole.

Why Origin

Origin has always been focused on providing high-quality services to all its partners. After years of success and growth, we’ve adapted to meet the demands for everything from simple menu design and development to VR solutions for more high-end menus.

Origin has always put its clients first by providing creative solutions that achieve our clients’ objectives. Our highly experienced creative team will handle all aspects of your menu from start to finish.

If you’re a newly opened restaurant, we can effectively launch your restaurant with a creative and strategic marketing campaign and advertise your new establishment on Google Ads or social media. It’s all about making your restaurant a success! 

Let’s discuss what’s best for your restaurant.

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