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Magento website development:
Magento makes online shopping friendly and easy

Every online store owner is continuously looking for fast and easy ways to increase their product sales. Written in PHP code, Magento makes the perfect open-source platform choice because it offers a shopping cart system that you can fully customize to match your business. 

Magento gives online shop proprietors the power to pick the content, functionality, and look that suit their E-commerce the best. Unlike other platforms, it doesn’t have any restrictions and is primarily dedicated to e-commerce customers. 

Aside from being SEO friendly, one of the benefits of using Magento is that it gives you access to highly-efficient marketing instruments and lets you add and update your products intuitively and directly. 

At Origin, we have a team of experienced developers with a proven track record working with Magento and multiple programming software and platforms. If you’ve just opened an online business or have been in the game for a while and want to make some improvements, our team is here to bring your ideas to life.

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The process of building a good Magento site

For your business to outshine its competitors, you need detailed research and observation to understand what you’re up against.  At Origin, we study the content of other websites to develop the perfect development strategy for your website to succeed. Our team also considers every minor condition your e-commerce site needs to be fully functional. 

To construct a good website, you must go through a lengthy and precise process. After the preparation phase, which includes research, analysis, and brainstorming, comes the developing phase, during which we create personalized modules and unique digital designs that optimize website traffic and performance. 

At Origin, you’re the boss. Our team will keep you posted every step of the way and give you constant updates as they build your website. Meeting all your needs is what we’re here for; we’ll set you up with an Account Manager who’ll be your liaison during the entire process. 

We’re open to any adjustment or comment, so feel free to give us input. We will analyze, find, and eliminate any coding error and problem on your Magento website. We never move forward before getting the final approval from you. Our highly efficient methods will make sure that your company stays on top.

As soon as your website is up and running, our team can hook you with more of our services like PPC, Video Advertising, SEO, email, and social media marketing. All of which are meant to optimize your brand new Magento website and start making a good profit. 

At Origin, we have achieved technical distinction in development through building advanced, solid, conversion-centered, rapid, and SEO-friendly websites that enhance your clients’ shopping experience. Our team uses a rounded approach, combined with a high-quality attitude and unprecedented thoroughness, to bring you groundbreaking Magento resources and online marketing strategies that will keep your business growing.

Magento’s main features

What makes Magento the best platform for your E-commerce website is the variety of characteristics it holds. Unlike other platforms, where you need to keep adjusting your website’s features or installing add-ons and extensions to access them, Magento already comes with built-in features which will save you a lot of time and work.

Some of the features that you can find on Magento are:

●      Efficient product listings: Easily accessed products make higher sales numbers. Magento platforms contain a variety of website themes and customized templates to suit your business. In addition, Magento websites make it easier for online shoppers to find what they’re looking for with their product listings feature. Users can discover single products and get recommendations for different packages and bundles that combine the product they’re looking for with similar ones.  

●      Filtered searches: Magento gives its users layered navigation through the use of filters that narrow down the search of the products you’re trying to find by categories, sellers, and price ranges. Aside from adding products to their cart, Magento gives them the option of adding them to their wish list or favorites and comparing different products to find what suits them best. Moreover, it makes your website user-friendly with features like email lists and content management systems.

●      Giving out offers and discounts: You can easily display deals, discounts, and coupons for your customers to use when checking out. Magento websites also have a simple step-by-step checkout process with clear instructions and different payment methods that give users a great shopping experience. In addition, the platform delivers complete order management, from calculating the user’s bills to printing packing slips, sending out emails, and more.

●      Multiple shipping options: Magento gives users the freedom to select the delivery cost option that suits them best, from easy pre-fixed delivery cost options to more detailed and complicated ones with weight, location, and price filters.

●      Faster loading: Our experts at Origin use professional coding along with top-tier configurations and features to build your Magento website. We’ll connect your online store with the right hosting service providers that will enhance your website’s performance and keep it running swiftly with limited-to-no downtime. 

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“Stay true to your brand’s identity with Magento website development”

Special custom-made elements

Aside from the existing main features, our team can improve your Magento websites with a few more customizable components. 

SEO friendly 

Magento websites allow you to effectively manage indexing, duplicate content, page traffic, landing pages, and more. You can also attach descriptions or paragraphs with your products to boost your website traffic through search engines. 

At Origin, our web development team will provide you with SEO optimization and make sure that your website ranks high on search engines, is easily discoverable, and attracts a lot of new clients.

Google Shopping 

Including your website in Google Shopping will help you find more clients to target and allow you to create unique Google Shopping ads that will help raise awareness of your business. Moreover, people are more likely to engage with visually pleasing ads that embody your brand and display your products than basic worded ads. 

Using Google Shopping will give you the benefit of featuring your products via Google ads. It’s a highly effective tool to promote your products and brand to a global audience. It will also establish your professionalism by forming a trust bond between you and your customers, making them feel more comfortable, and ultimately convincing them to buy your products.

Auto-Generated email replies 

You can optimize your marketing strategy by programming your Magento system to send personalized updates and newsletters to your clients constantly.

Loyalty Points feature

Applying a loyalty points system with Magento will increase your online store sales. Clients will be encouraged to buy more products to collect more points and get more rewards.


Why Origin?

Magento websites developed by Origin are simple to upgrade, navigate, improve, manage, and can be adapted to keep up with the continuous growth of your company. 

Getting through exceptional obstacles to transform your business into a big success story is what Origin is known for! 

No matter the nature of the task or the size of your company, our Magento developers will always provide you with an aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, interactive, and professional Magento website specifically designed to express your brand’s message and goals. 

We always want what’s best for our clients. Our web design experts will use next-level coding and programming to build your e-commerce website from the ground up and make it highly functional. Our personalized premium marketing and advertising services go hand in hand with our web development services to fulfill all your brand’s needs.

Our professional, user-friendly, and eye-catching bespoke web design outlines are based on industry observations, detailed conversion research, and complete consumer analysis. They’re tailored around seamless UX that provides the best shopping experience for your customers from the first moment they visit your website to the final checkout step. 

We’ll implement a highly interactive feature on your company website that’ll boost your business customer service, keeping you up to date with your clients answering their questions and claims.

Being one of the best branding agencies in the Middle East, Origin provides a myriad of services that will optimize your marketing strategies and make your brand triumph over its competitors. 

Put our Magento website development expertise to use, and let us help your online business thrive!

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