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Local SEO Process:
Origin’s goal is to put your business on top

Every industry has its system and every company, even those from the same field, follows distinctive methods to select the best target local search terms. At Origin, we thoroughly devise a surefire SEO strategy that matches your company brand.

How Origin manages local SEO


To tackle a local SEO campaign, Origin’s team looks for the search terms that will perfectly match your brand. Then, we study terms with local intent and localized search terms to see if they appear in the local organic results with a location linked to Google maps or if they only showcase significant organic results without localization. 

Keyword research

1-  Keywords targeted in local SEO: The terms or phrases that your target audience or users type on search engines when they’re looking for information or answers related to your business. 

2-  Localized search terms: The keywords web surfers use when looking for results in a specific geographic location. They help people in your region become aware of your business and boost your local search engine optimization results.

Terms with local intent

Search engines usually determine which search terms contain local intent. The expression “local intent” refers to every time Google thinks the user’s request seeks local results. 

Typically, the search terms with a service and location name automatically display local results. Nonetheless, Google believes that some users only search for a service; so if it has a solid local intent, Google will showcase local results established by your IP that defines your local settings.

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“Build a community of loyal customers with our Local SEO services”

How to reach the right terms

Localized Landing pages

Origin designs landing pages for the new regions your business wants to reach. Our team makes sure that whenever we build a landing page, we incorporate eloquent content, localize the page, state details about your area comprising access to your location on maps. We do our best to connect your products or services with the right region so that your brand gets the highest rank when people search for terms with local intent or use localized search terms.

Google+ and verified local listings 

Google permits every business displayed on its domain to create its business profile. Signing up is free of charge and provides you with infinite advantages.

When a local business opens a Google+ account, it can use it as a shop front or service area. A shopfront consists of a store that people check, such as restaurants, hotels, or shopping stores, while a service area is when a business goes to the client, such as electricians, plumbers, and builders. It is always valuable for your company to notify Google about the region, country, or town your company services in so they can add you to the search results related to localized searches.

Once you create a local business page, you must authenticate the location of your business. It will allow Google to corroborate that you’re a real, local business with a genuine and reachable address. The verification process is simple: Google sends a postcard containing an associate code to your address that you enter into your local listing account to verify your authenticity. It is advised for all businesses to fill up their listing account with website links, photos, social media accounts, company descriptions, logos, and videos that they can link to a personal YouTube account.

On-page optimization 

If you aim to target local or countrywide keywords, on-page optimization is an aspect that applies to all SEO. But targeting local keywords should be thoroughly calculated because you need to select the correct terms in your descriptions, headings, content, and titles of your website so that you:

●  Target every important town

●  Target locations and terms that consumers lookup

●  Shouldn’t isolate any location

●   Should always take into consideration potential clients from outside your region.

Remember that it's always good to create new pages that target new places. When we target small regions, like 2 or 3 towns, we usually include the key terms with the main service pages. When working with multiple regions and countries, we start by building a central page that describes your services without giving information about your location. Then we design landing pages, each aimed at a different location. 

Managing your online reputation and social media

Search engines care about your online reputation. They dive deep into the reviews that users leave about your business on platforms such as Facebook, trip advisor, Google+ business listings, and more. It helps them discover and evaluate whether or not the quality of your business is good. Moreover, potential clients are now more than ever following the same pattern by searching for your social media profiles to observe how you engage with your visitors. 

Having a Google business profile gives you access to a dashboard that allows you to check the reviews people write about you from several sources. Origin is dedicated to maintain your online reputation, so we make sure that you offer the best services. We have skilled community managers that frequently respond to every review posted about your business, whether positive or negative; we always encourage clients to write reviews by leaving them links that are easy to access.

A good online presence gives way to great profit 

We know that dealing with SEO can be intricate and that some businesses fail to handle this process on their own, while others can easily do it without needing any help. 

Our goal at Origin is to facilitate your life and relieve you from the local SEO responsibilities so that you can focus on other company problems. Our services are versatile and can go along with whatever you desire, whether you want us to take control of the entire SEO-related services or simply guide and help you through your SEO needs. Our service fees vary according to the size, duration, and requirements of the project on hand. 

If you need help boosting your local SEO then Origin’s the right place to grow your online presence.

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