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Intricate data captured through simple visuals

People get overwhelmed and lose concentration when reading about important and challenging topics. If you want to enlighten your clients about your company’s services in a simple yet visually captivating way, you need to design clever infographics. 

Infographics are a visual display of data and information usually represented as graphs, charts, or images followed by small captions. It’s the most effective method to sum up, and simplify complex subjects. 

With the unlimited access to the knowledge provided by the internet, the tactics for gathering, analyzing, and presenting data are continuously developing. At Origin, we convert the technical details about your business to artistic representations that are easy to understand. These infographics help your consumers learn any intricate information about your company quickly and efficiently. 

If your website contains high-density content, you'd want to leverage the most out of your content marketing. In that case, we suggest providing your consumers with "shareable" infographics - Content they find insightful enough to share on social media platforms.

Every aspect of our infographic has the potential to convey the right message about your company. We use images, short text, charts, graphs, and other relevant data to accurately and uniquely represent your business and services.

The best thing about infographics is their versatility; they challenge your imagination and channel your creative side by combining icons, illustrations, pictures, diagrams, and any other element needed to communicate your message. 

Our expert graphic designers will take parts of your numerical and technical information and successfully translate them into coherent infographics. Opting for our services means meeting your business’s expectations with an infographic that displays clear and convenient data about your company. 

Origin’s infographics are carefully custom-made to match the essence of your brand. Our graphic design team employs state-of-the-art software to create unique artworks that can automatically conform to any online platform and all kinds of traditional print. 

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Every professional business needs a logo

Logos are at the core of any business. They’re the key embodiment of any brand, the first thing that any person recognizes or visualizes when thinking about internationally successful enterprises.

Your company must choose a suitable logo because it highly affects your branding strategies. Easy on the eye and carefully designed logos will make a great first impression on people, no matter the industry.

At Origin, our creative team will design and conceptualize a logo that reflects your brand identity and professionalism. By equipping your company's marketing strategy with a long-lasting asset, we'll provide you with a remarkable brand awareness boost. 

A professionally developed logo can lift your company profile. Our expert designers will provide you with a one-of-a-kind logo that stays authentic to your brand’s identity and highlights your valuable selling points.

”Drive traffic to your website with ORIGINal infographics”

Why Origin?

Founded in 2014, Origin strives to combine culture with commerce to create exceptional experiences that inspire life and action. We’re a brand strategy and marketing agency that can convey a myriad of services for every sector of any business. 

From building complete personalized websites that are Search Engine Optimized to building fully-fledged marketing strategies, we’ve proven ourselves capable of tackling any project that comes our way.

Over the year, we have built a team of experienced professionals skilled in all manners of interactive development; creative, strategic, and technical. We ensure that every service we offer is explicitly bespoke to match your business objectives and embody your brand’s identity and message.

Since no business can function or exist without a unique logo that distinguishes it from its competitors, our team will design the ideal logo to maintain your undeniable professional image while growing your brand awareness. 

Origin strives to help your brand achieve individuality by providing your company with services that enhance cultural expression. We are shattering the B2B or B2C concepts and making way to a new vision developed by Origin, built around the H2H -Human to Human- approach.

If you have any project in mind, need help creating unique infographics for your business, or want to know more about our other services, feel free to contact us.

The role of infographics in public sectors

The human attention span is a mere 6 seconds. Nowadays, any design should be able to catch people’s attention in the blink of an eye.

What makes infographics so practical is their ability to benefit any sector by being:

  • Extremely accurate
  • Easily shareable across any online platform
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Straight to the point


For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals need infographics to convey medical updates to the world. Now more than ever, both healthcare and scientific fields have substantial data and statistics to collect and analyze. Infographics help them convey important information in simple, effective, and colorful ways.

Solid and trusted health information can influence people’s decision-making skills and raise awareness about many healthcare campaigns and issues.

Government departments also require infographics to share intricate social, political, and public health-related data through visually pleasing figures that viewers can digest. Origin works closely with governmental agencies designing special infographics to help people grasp current political, economic, and cultural issues.

Whether you want to communicate government strategy plans, establish a new health care protocol, or share statistics about national changes, Origin will design any infographics you desire.

The influence that infographics have

Origin will make sure that your company uses infographics efficiently to share insights and specifics about the services and products you provide in a manner that every customer can easily understand.  

We resourcefully incorporate terms, data, shapes, graphics, and figures to develop straightforward infographics to use across all platforms. In addition, we consider the aesthetic you’ve already established for your brand and work hard to make sure that our infographics complement it. 

People tend to process information delivered in a visually pleasing design more quickly than basic text format. Therefore, infographics make an excellent instrument for optimizing engagement, as they achieve more interaction than a standard post on social media or a placed CTA on your website.    

The term “data” usually alludes to something dull. However, using infographics to address facts will captivate those who might otherwise be uninterested when using a different medium.

The story behind an infographic is what counts most. Storytelling is an essential component of marketing, and infographics provide an excellent method to present information in a visually appealing way.

Infographics are the building blocks your company needs to grab consumers' attention and establish its rightful place in the competitive market. 

A carefully crafted infographic will receive considerably more good feedback than a blog or posting a generic message on social media platforms.

While lengthy form content is still a vital part of your marketing strategy, infographics fill in where other content cannot succeed. 

In a nutshell, infographics help readers visualize the information you're sharing about your products and services. People enjoy reading them and sharing them with friends and family. They also make an interesting and reliable reference when writing an article or a blog.

Are you looking for a visually appealing tool to share information with your audience?

Let’s get started on your infographics today!

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