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Hybrid Mobile Apps:
The difference between Native, Web, and Hybrid apps

A native app is an application created to function on specific platforms and devices; it’s developed to match the functions of specific operating systems like iOS or Android. Usually, businesses that want to reach a wider audience build different apps for multiple operating systems. Each one possesses a precise programming language. For example, Androids apps are programmed in Java, while iOS apps use Swift language.

A web app is an application that operates on any browser or device. Unlike native apps, their programming isn’t dependent on the operating system. Instead, web applications are coded with programming languages like CSS and HTML; they run through a device’s web browser via URL without installing a web app from the App Store. Web apps include shortcuts Google Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS.

A hybrid app blends the features of native and web apps. It’s a web app that you use on your device after installing it as a native app. Hybrid or Cross-platform apps are usually programmed using web app development languages like HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, or CSS. They can adjust to any type of smartphone or tablet like native apps while being developed in the language of web apps.

Mobile apps are necessary to expand your business

According to HootSuite.com, “92% of the time spent on mobile is spent using apps, social networking, and communication apps taking up 44%”. As a result, the megacorporation is always planning and searching for ways to update its apps to match new trends and enhance user experience. Meanwhile, small or average businesses are usually far behind in the game and need to release their mobile app.

But with how far the world of technology has come, developing an app became a double threat for both users and developers. Mobile apps have facilitated people’s lives, while mobile app development frameworks have rendered the job for developers easy. 

The cutting-edge efficacy and features that the hybrid mobile launch supplied caused some controversy in the digital world. Hybrid app frameworks proved to be a powerful addition to smartphone technology as they are more than capable of producing fully functional native apps. 

According to Rishabh Software, “research shows 74% of the top 50 retail apps on the App Store are Hybrid Apps”. Most businesses don’t mind if the app developed is a native or a hybrid app, but most would opt for hybrid apps. Provided that the final product matches the customer’s needs and satisfies their request, our developers use the app framework for hybrid mobile app development.

Choosing the prime hybrid framework amid the renowned mobile app development frameworks can be very challenging, mainly because of the wide range of options offered.

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“Go mobile and connect your brand with more customers”

Important Factors when going hybrid

To ensure that the framework used boosts your app’s performance, you need to make sure that it delivers the following factors:

1- The intentions of the Project:

No project can start before setting up goals. After meeting with you and discussing your objectives, and intended use of the app, our experienced team will find the framework that matches and supports the final product that your clients will see on their screens.

2- The flexibility of Use:

Your development framework needs to be easily adjustable for your team to manage any future inconveniences. Our highly skilled developers and concept creators will customize your app for your specific needs. 

3- Learning Curve:

It’s vital to use a framework you fully understand. Therefore, after designing, developing, and launching your application, we will appoint experts to train your team to work and operate the framework. 

4- Documentation:

When you face issues, Origin will provide you with appropriate documentation to locate the problems and solve them; the documentation will proficiently guide you through every step of the way. You can also contract Origin to update and maintain your framework to keep your app updated and avoid any downtime in the future.  

5- Support:

It’s crucial to use an advanced framework that’s helpful with glitches and practical with future updates. Accordingly, we look for the most suitable framework for your goals with an excellent user support system that assists you through any given issue and provides you with accurate answers.

Benefits of Hybrid Apps

●  Creating a hybrid app doesn’t require developing different apps for iOS and Android. Our team can design an application that automatically functions with any operating system. 

●  Developing hybrid apps is both time and money-saving. Hiring hybrid app developers generally costs less than hiring native app developers. Moreover, creating a hybrid application requires half the time and effort because the code is only written once. 

●  Hybrid mobile development conveys a perfectly reliable user experience through all platforms (iOS, Android, etc.). The App UI has a high speed and swiftly loads visuals and content, displaying data that adapts to any mobile and tablet screen.

●  Hybrid apps are flexible and can easily upgrade to other platforms. So when the application is all set to run on one platform, you can be sure that it will also operate on any other platform. 

●  Similar to native apps, hybrid apps can have the ability to use device features, such as a camera and GPS. 

●  Hybrid apps can operate without an internet connection. As a result, users can have constant access to the app’s data without facing any glitches.

●  Hybrid apps are easy to maintain and aren’t limited by App Stores. Developers that want to implement an app on the Apple or Android App Store have to submit it and wait for authentication. This process usually lasts between 1 and 7 days. It all depends on whether the app is uploaded for the first time or is simply getting an update. Another benefit of hybrid apps is that they don't need to submit updated versions. The changes applied by the developers rarely affect the native code.

Why Origin?

Our vision is to take the first step in connecting things. We are innovators that aim to connect brands with audiences, connect ideas, talent, and resources. Phones are essential for everyone because they cover all our needs; they provide us with social media connections, satisfy our e-commerce needs, and extend our knowledge. 

Origin works hard to increase brand awareness by designing bespoke hybrid mobile apps that match your business goals. Our skilled developers will build smart hybrid apps that are user-friendly and conform to any device, operating system, and platform. 

Whether you want a native or a hybrid app, our services will help you optimize your online presence to lead the market, increase your revenue, and achieve all your business goals.

Be part of the future! Get in touch with us to learn more about our hybrid mobile apps services.

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