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Google Tools:
Why is Google my business a necessity?

It’s utterly imperative for every business to have a Google My Business page because it becomes their personal Google business record. You will be able to:

●  Write down your business name, description, photos, videos, address, opening schedules, and more. 
●  Advertise your business since it will be displayed in search results.
●  Have a location via Google Maps: a GPS application that has become crucial in this day and age of mobile shopping and browsing. Consumers download it to locate nearby stores.

Origin works to enhance your Google listings by utilizing our breakdown of search types, knowledge of the regional Google rankings, and keyword evaluation. Our goal is to ensure that your local listing regularly and successfully shows up on search engines. Furthermore, we will link your listing to your Google+ page, providing you with full access to all Google services.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a wide-ranging service. In the following list, we will deliver a list of the essential features Origin uses to boost your company website SEO and grow your online presence. 

Businesses can observe the way visitors navigate their website: the pages they check, move to, and exit from; it’s significant to know if your clients are exiting your site without buying anything or getting in touch with your company. Likewise, pinpointing which page they’re leaving helps determine and repair your website flaws.

To have an in-depth understanding of how specific keywords influence your business and affect your website click-through rate, Origin links your analytics with your webmaster tools account to enrich your content and make it proficient.

Google Analytics provides an overall understanding of your site traffic - from Google PPC, Google organic results, referral traffic, social sites, business listings, and partner sites. We will demonstrate the online places where your advertising strategy is functional, defective, or needs to be modified. In addition, Google organic results can reveal the keywords that bring the most clicks to your website.

E-commerce websites discover the keywords that are more lucrative for their business by using Google Analytics. They receive precise data that let them comprehend the keywords visitors enter in search engine results when they’re making a purchase. This gives websites a better awareness of the keywords they’re targeting and the chance of adding more words. 

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a highly-effective pay-per-click (PPC) product. It helps you design ads that target specific keywords associated with your brand by displaying them above or on the right corner of Google’s organic search results whenever a user looks for terms related to your company. The cost of your adverts varies depending on how frequently the keywords you want to target are used; the benefit of Google AdWords is that you only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

When used strategically, PPC allows you to shape your organic search strategy. For example, while trying multiple keywords with PPC, you will discover the most suitable keywords that increase traffic. Ultimately, you will use this information to enhance your content creation and optimize organic results.

Google Trends

When combined with Google AdWords, Google Trends becomes a remarkable tool that guides you through picking the right keywords.

Google Trends helps you assess:

  • If certain words are commonly used and compare them with different keyword combinations
  • Evaluate how their impact changes with time and in various languages and areas
  • Present correlated keywords which can benefit you in discovering new keyword suggestions.


“Origin and Google Tools are the grounds for a thriving SEO strategy”

The role of Webmaster search console

Another service that Google is growing and developing is the Webmaster search console. It acts as a great intermediate that transfers information about your site to Google. It also serves as a medium for Google to notify you about your search engine success and the problems your website faces. At Origin, we use this tool to help your website rank higher in Google and optimize your presence in Google’s eyes. 
Here is an overview of the significant advantages of Webmaster tools: 


Origin produces an XML site map for your website and registers it inside webmaster tools, which will push Google to locate all your website pages and easily display them within its search results. Webmaster tools can also report how many of your pages are listed from your site map. 

Search Requests

Webmaster tools present the total of data involving the keywords that users type into Google and the results that show your website. For every search term, webmaster tools offer information about:

●    The total of impressions: how often your website shows up in the results
●    The total of times users have visited your website straight from Google results
●    An estimate of your click-through rate
●    The monthly alterations of the previous numbers.

Our skilled team at Origin carefully examines the results and identifies any potential problems in how Google or visitors view your search results and website. 

Crawl data

Webmaster tools give fundamental information about how many search robots have access to your website, handing you control over managing the frequency and rapidity of your data crawling. They also notify you of the mistakes encountered when crawling your website, from URL errors and robots.txt errors to server errors. 

At Origin, we strive to keep an eye on these errors and avoid them. In the case of any crawling error, our team restores them on the spot and strives to uphold both your search rankings and website in excellent conditions. 


With Webmaster Tools, Google displays two major factors concerning the links to your website. 

First, there’s the display of your internal linking in a strategic way that boosts website engagement -internal links are a link that takes the form of a photo, document, or hyperlink connecting two pages in the same online domain. 

Second, there’s the display of all the backlinks from different sites that come into play when ranking your website. (Backlinks or inbound links are links exhibited on sites that are not yours and lead to a page on your website). Since the links coming from low-grade sites can damage your rankings, Webmaster tools offer you the option of rejecting these links. 

Organized search snippets

Search snippets generate extracts in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) that display the content of a specific website. 

Webmaster tools have a new feature that allows you to test and monitor your website’s organized data. Our team at Origin employs this tool to generate effective snippets that draw more attention to your web pages.

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