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E-commerce Web Hosting:
Businesses need solid e-commerce hosting

One major difference between e-commerce websites and other websites is that they require a massive influx of traffic. This can lead to serious problems like website downtime - an issue that occurs when servers are neither suited nor capable of handling the number of requests they’re receiving.

The internet is meant to make people’s lives easier, especially when it comes to online shopping, due to how quick and effortless it is. 

If your website takes too long to load, people will exit and turn to your competitors. Site speed is crucial to boost your brand’s online presence, as it satisfies users, and leaves a good impression.

Nowadays, mobile usage has increased significantly because most e-commerce websites have their own phone application. With higher mobile demands, businesses require fast servers in order to keep e-commerce users satisfied.  

Therefore, with the surge in e-commerce website users, hosting needs to be adjusted. Security levels have to be increased as well, in order to keep the website and its users protected from all internet dangers. 

E-commerce websites should have hosting requirements tailored to manage their site demands, visitors, and other factors. 

We analyze, and study your company, products, and brand, taking into consideration every issue you’ve faced, before customizing the best hosting solutions for your business.

Although you may find several advertising hosting services that offer many additional features, remember that most of them are not suitable, or applicable, to all businesses. Every company’s brand has a unique platform that embodies its goals and needs.

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Benefit from our services

At Origin, we provide our customers with a complete custom-built hosting package. We offer to link you with the best high-speed servers that will protect your e-commerce website, ensure little-to-no downtime, and establish normal Secure Socket Layer (SSL) integration, between our servers and your clients.

Expanding your e-commerce website hosting is always a good idea, and our team of expert developers has you covered. We’ll take good care of your platform so that you can focus on other enterprise duties. We also provide other services alongside our hosting solutions, such as digital marketing, design, and development. 

Upgrade your website hosting with Origin

Since companies are always rebranding, all e-commerce websites should constantly be getting upgrades. At Origin, you can always count on us to assist you, whether you’re changing your company’s name, brand strategy, or need help to manage growing traffic, you’re in safe hands.

Get in touch with our team of developers, and they will inform you about the benefits of transferring your website hosting to other servers. 

Furthermore, they will fill you in on any questions you may have, explain all the advantages our agency provides, the modifications we’ll make for your site, and give you an estimate on our service fees.

The benefits we provide

Transferring your hosting to servers that are better suited for your website will provide you with an impressive return on investment. Efficient servers will save your business a lot of time and money.

Losing revenue due to constant downtime, and a website that takes forever to load will be the least of your concerns. We will completely secure your website, stopping any malfunctions or breaches from happening.

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“Give your customers some good old fashioned retail therapy with no downtime”

Why Origin?

Whether you’re certain about transferring your business e-commerce hosting to another server or still have second thoughts about doing it, Origin will provide the solution.

Our professional team will estimate the exact time it will take for the transfer process to be completed. We will analyze every facet, and take every minor factor about carrying out a hosting migration into consideration, ensuring that you’re well informed before making any decisions.

At Origin, we pride ourselves on making things people love while being creative, bold, and transparent. Our creative agency has a lot of experience when it comes to website hosting and all related services. 

Our extremely devoted team is made out of the most elite professionals and covers all aspects of interactive development: strategic, creative, and technical. We will connect you with hosting servers that fit your company’s requirements.

We will thoroughly take a look at your company’s work, keeping in mind the business goals you’ve set to achieve within the upcoming years. This way, we’ll be capable of identifying the issues that your platform is facing to offer you the right solutions.

No matter the nature of the industry, customer experience is fundamental for the success of any online shop. If your business is currently relying on servers that don’t operate efficiently, fail to maintain good customer traffic, and your team is out of solutions, it is best to outsource your e-commerce hosting. 

Don’t let any technical difficulty stand in the way of your company’s success; Origin is here to help you optimize your e-commerce website.

A professional e-commerce website makes all the difference 

At Origin, our team is always looking for advanced tactics to tackle your web hosting problems. Not only do we focus on your current goals, but also take into consideration the future plans that your business has in mind for your brand.

In this digital era, having an e-commerce shop is a high priority. Customers are most likely to check multiple stores, research the products they need, and compare the results they find before deciding which store to buy from. This means that the way your customers come across your products is crucial for your business to obtain and maintain success.

In the long run, it would be wiser for your business to invest in external e-commerce website hosting. That way, your company will save up on the costs of regularly upgrading its high-speed internet connection, server software, and hardware, as your products become more in demand. 

In the era of cutting-edge technology, businesses need to keep up their A-game. Remember that your website always needs to run smoothly, for your company to keep attracting more clients. 

When you employ our expertise at Origin, you and your crew won’t have to worry about your website hosting problems. You’ll be in safe hands, as we will make sure that your website is up and running, across every online platform. 

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