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E-Commerce SEO Process:
Determine your target

It is not enough to make your items available and generate traffic to your website when you’re starting an online business; you must also determine your target audience. Origin can assist you by defining your target market and verifying that visitors to your site are indeed looking for the products you offer.

We use a combination of lead generation tools, metric traffic tools, and insights to evaluate what your competitors are doing and research what motivates your consumers. This information helps us develop an effective and efficient marketing strategy.

Because E-Commerce sites have a high density of information and often have many products listed, keyword research is essential. It's critical to have not only a clear target keyword list but also a clear approach for implementing those keywords.

Search methods differ from one user to another. Users may be looking for:

●       Generic item, “Recipe”

●       An item with different characteristics, “Lebanese Recipe”

●       An item from a specific brand, “Chef Ramzi Lebanese Recipe”

●       Specific item, “Tabbouleh Lebanese Recipe”

To guarantee that our campaign is effective and achieves good results, it is necessary to determine the type of search we want to target during our planning phase. That is determined by identifying search volumes (how many people are searching for your keywords) and by researching competitors.

By doing so, we establish the areas where we need to focus our efforts to gain the most benefits from search engine optimization. Based on the examples used before, here’s how it goes:

●       Target the "Recipe" keyword on the main page/site-wide.

●       Target characteristics like “Lebanese Recipe” on category or search results pages.

●       Targeting phrases like "Best Tabbouleh Recipe" should be performed on product pages.

Getting your target audience right from the start helps speed up the process of achieving your business goals.

Businesses with an E-Commerce store are usually more complex than standard business websites. We need to understand their complexity and treat them accordingly. 

The basic structure consists of 3 levels:

●       Home Page: The page that most customers will see when they arrive at your site.

●       Category Page: Products of the same category appear on the same page.

●       Product Page: An individual page displaying all the information about a specific product

Other page types include:

●       Content pages: Pages that are not part of your storage system but are meant to offer visitors the information they need.

●       Blog posts: Articles that aim to educate and increase your client base.

Build an e-commerce website with Origin

If you are seeking a completely new eCommerce store, our experts work with a variety of open-source platforms. Each platform provides unique benefits based on your website's current and long-term needs. 

All of our projects undergo a thorough process that takes into account aesthetic appeal, conversion optimization, search optimization, usability, and functionality.

Get in touch with us and benefit from our expertise in eCommerce development. We are happy to offer you an obligation-free consultation and advise you on the most suitable options for your company.

Our SEO specialists are ready to help you rank higher on search engines! 

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