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Dynamic Reporting:
What’s Dynamic Reporting?

Dynamic reporting, also known as real or live reporting, is a service that lets users access their business reports anytime and anywhere from any device that connects to the internet. 

Dynamic reporting presents an interactive dashboard so that if there’s an issue in your business, you can examine the numbers and find rapid and practical solutions.  

At Origin, our Dynamic Reporting services are bespoke to match every client’s brand, marketing strategy, and requirements. Our in-house experts will add a dynamic report to the advertising channel of your choice to efficiently extract valuable data and analytics. 

We make sure that your dynamic reports are safely stored and that you can easily access them anytime by simply selecting the date range you want (daily, monthly, or yearly).

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What Dynamic Reports cover

Origin’s Dynamic Report service is directly connected to your main marketing channels, showing you a dashboard that contains all your clicks, budgets, conversions, interactions, ROI, and more for you to monitor and modify. The collected data derives from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Google ads, Google Analytics, Twitter, Bing ads, and LinkedIn.

By opting for Origin’s Dynamic Reporting services, your company will retrieve all the data required to develop your business in one place. This includes:

●   Website traffic covering organic listings, direct traffic, aid advertising, and more

●   The search terms most utilized by people to make purchases

●   Demographics show you the gender and age of your clients

●   The type of device people use when checking your website or social media pages

●    The number of people that called you from an ad

●   How many users signed up for your website or email listing

●    The total of sales and orders made through every platform

●   The profits made from your weekly or monthly sales

●   The average of orders that have been issued

●   Detailed Overview of your return on investment (ROI) to compare how much money you paid and how much you made.

“Fortify your marketing strategy with Origin’s Dynamic Reporting services”

Advantages of Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic Reporting is definitely the best feature to arm your business, mainly because it gives precise insight into your data. In addition, through clear presentations, Origin’s dynamic reports service provide the following benefits:

1-   Real-time information: dynamic dashboards display all the information you need to know about your business. Whether you want to check current updates about ROI, engagements, etc., or want to revisit older analytics, you will be able to do so with a simple click on a device connected to the internet. 

2-   Upfront interactions: Dynamic Reporting’s strength is in offering business owners a visual representation that guides them through the progress of the company and the changes they need to make to stay on top of their game.

3-   Integrated templates: Dynamic Reporting allows you to display your data via templates from Google Data Studios. It also allows you to design and use personal templates to share with your staff.

4-   Flexible formats: you can easily customize the layout of your data display to suit your viewing preferences, from graphs to long lists, timelines, tables, and more. 

5-   Time-saving: The ability to use templates to share your dynamic reports with your team and customers saves you a lot of time.

6-   Transparency: the best thing about choosing Origin’s Dynamic Reporting services is that you are the one in control. You are free to check the dashboard data any time you want and see how your financial plan is being spent. 

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