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Business card design:
Business cards are the pillar to your business

Business cards are not just simply meant to be a way of swapping contact information with your clients, they are in fact an effective advertising strategy. When you’re giving out your business cards, you’re not just trying to promote or sell your products or services, you’re also letting people know that you’re a professional that takes their work seriously.

Despite living in an age where everything is virtual and online, actual traditional business cards are still vital to your business. An original eye-catching business card design will leave a good impression about your professionalism to potential clients.

Bespoke business cards provide your potential customers with something concrete that will leave an imprint. That way, you’ll make sure that your business stands out from the other businesses in the mind of the consumer.

It doesn’t matter if you have a huge online presence, every professional business needs to have real business cards. At Origin, we can help you create business cards that are completely suited to your company’s brand.

Always having business cards on you and handing them out reflects on how genuinely professional you are and how much you value your brand. Meticulously designed business cards are very efficient when given out to potential clients as they have a way of piquing their interest in your products and or services. 

When potential customers have something tangible in their hand that represents your business and gives them accurate details about your company, it makes them more invested in your brand and influences their decision; hence increasing your business's chances of being chosen. 

Because business cards are a pillar of your advertising strategy, you must be very careful when creating them. Don’t forget to make sure that they’re a good fit for your brand.

Here at Origin, we have your best interest in mind and will work with you to create a business card that fits your image, brand, and message.

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Why do you need a business card?

Owning a business card is super easy, but having one that leaves a mark is more challenging. Many businesses will hand you their card and you would soon forget about even having it, while other cards will make a stronger impression. That’s what distinguishes generic business cards from thoroughly crafted ones. 

Despite being a traditional technique for marketing, business cards can get hold of a big number of people. They can strongly and consistently advertise your business, especially if they’re uniquely designed.

High-quality business cards can make a very good impression on a client who will then give your business card to another client and so on… spreading the word about your brand and widening your clientele’s list

Our team of graphic designers will finish up your business card with an original outline that suits the aesthetic of your brand and includes all the information needed about your company. Business cards are one of the best economical ways of showing genuine faith in your brand and merchandise.

At Origin, we value your opinion and feedback and encourage every brand to express itself; from choosing the color palette you want to using your current logo or deciding to create a new one. We’ve got you covered as we’ve mastered the art of making exclusive business cards and helped a lot of clients with all their needs.

Remember, business cards are the most efficient way for you to spread awareness about your brand at business conventions, trade shows, or conferences. Distributing well-designed cards saves your potential clients the pain of jotting down wrong information about your business, and instead ensures that they get the right details professionally and sensibly.

“Make your business cards stand out with Origin”

Why Origin?

At Origin, we strive to help you increase your brand awareness by creating custom business cards that capture its essence.

Note that business cards should be easy on the eye, with simple clear details, and enough white space to avoid cluttering the design. Ideally, they should include the name and address of the company, as well as the contact info such as the phone number, email, and website.

Every concept is unique and every company has its individual take on its brand. Our Origin team will help you achieve the best results in applying the design, layout, and information that match your brand’s identity and make your business card attract the most attention.  

When it comes to business cards, “out with the old, in with the new” does not apply. Although technology rules modern business and most of the work is now handled online, traditionally refined business cards are often the first to give life to your brand and boost its awareness. 

If prospective associates or customers are impressed by the originality of your card designs and interested in the information presented, they’re more likely to choose your services. Seeing you put lots of effort and energy into your business card will show them how serious you are about your brand image and encourage them to work with you. 

No matter how good or compelling you are at pitching your brand, if you’re representing your company at a networking event against your competitors and you don’t have business cards to hand out, your potential clients will lose interest and forget about you as soon as they move on to the next business stand.

A practical and cost-effective advertising strategy

The Origin team is here to assist you in designing and developing the perfect business card that reflects what both you and your business are about. Our work is completely personalized to your brand’s message and objectives.

Trade shows, business seminars, and conferences usually happen in crowded and fast-paced settings. Business cards are the most effective method to start circulating your brand. Potential clients won’t have time to write down or take notes about your company on their phones; high-quality business cards provide them with all the necessary information about your business.

In addition, business cards are very practical due to their small size. You can display them on tables, counters, or boards as well as your workplace and even hand them out to the people attending conferences and business seminars. 

Business cards make a cost-effective and efficient marketing strategy that increases exposure and consumer awareness. 

Our graphic design team at Origin wants to help you create an exemplary business card that will attract the right crowd. 

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