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Application Marketing:
Apps are constantly in-demand

Nowadays, universal app campaigns are quick and efficient to install. Moreover, you can easily promote your apps to your chosen clients via YouTube, Google Play, the Display Network, and the Search Network.

Your ads can be placed in a variety of online areas such as:

-  Google Play search results

-  Google Play home page: it displays ads for users in the suggestions section

-  Google Search

-  Google Search Partners

-  Google Play-related apps section displays ads that users might be interested in or are similar.

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App Marketing via Google Display Network

Google Display Network influences users when they surf sites and blogs or check Google-owned apps like Gmail or YouTube.

Google Ads benefit from presenting ads on YouTube because the platform possesses one of the highest engagement rates online, which leads to a massive number of people downloading apps.

“Mobile apps are the building bridge between reputable UX and high ROI.”

Benefits of Application Marketing

Greater Engagement

As mobile ownership is becoming a more important aspect of daily life, desktop usage is dropping. People can't go a day without looking at their mobile devices. As a result, companies should develop a robust mobile app marketing strategy to increase user engagement.

Some websites may be difficult to view if you work for a company that uses blockers to restrict internet access; mobile apps are not an issue because they provide unlimited access.

Meeting the needs of every User

Every customer has different expectations from your app; therefore, we devise a different advertising strategy based on your target audience’s preferences.

A music app, for example, may include a variety of music genres, podcasts, and performers. Each user looks for their favorite musician or listens to music from specific genres such as pop, country, or rock. We advertise to each listener using targeted keywords and intelligent analytics according to their preferences. 

Staying in touch with your users

When your company app has a problem or experiences a bug and doesn't have a customer service feature, visiting your site or sending an email to report the issue will take your customer's time and energy. If your clients have difficulty reaching you, they will seek your competitors.

Adding a customer support section with responsive chat features in your app allows businesses to connect with their customers and creates a trusting relationship.

App Marketing tactics:

1.  Familiarizing yourself with the competition

A crucial part of app marketing is to study the market and competitive landscape to see what designs, techniques, and trends your rivals are using to promote their apps.

2.  Creating a unique App’s landing page

Designing a landing page with captivating visuals is crucial for a successful mobile marketing strategy. Landing pages must be aesthetically pleasing and contain images that familiarize people with the app and encourage them to download it. Finally, it’s very important to add users’ feedback and reviews about their experience with your app.

3.  Blog writing

It’s always good to keep your website blog up-to-date and directly connected to your social media platforms. It’s a cost-effective technique that lets you employ SEO to appeal to a new target audience by observing your analytics to determine the content that profits your marketing strategy the most.

4.  App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) helps you display your app in an eye-catching way to increase its visibility in Google Play Store and the App Store. At Origin, we determine and employ specific keywords and display screenshots and a video of an in-app use so that your app has a higher ranking in the App Store.

5.  Social media marketing

Posting on your social media accounts and working on your content should be a regular thing, not just to raise awareness about your brand, but to engage with your audience, form a bond with them, and build a solid community. By focusing on social media marketing, you can interact with your users and check their feedback to fix any issue. It’s highly recommended that your app includes social media access for people to directly share content from your app on their social media profiles.

6.  Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become a common app marketing tactic because people follow and trust influencers. You can collaborate with influencers by offering them free products from your app to share on their social media accounts; this is a cost-effective method that doesn’t give you much creative control. If you want to be more involved in your app promotion, you can start a paid partnership with the influencer of your choice.

7.  Paid user acquisition

Paid user acquisition is a marketing method that introduces your app to new people via paid ads. It’s crucial to define your target audience and the in-app actions you want them to do before setting your paid user acquisition strategy. That way, you’ll make sure that you’re efficiently spending your money. Keep a close eye on the new trends and data in your clients’ behavior; Origin will give you a full report on what actions your users are taking with the paid ads and which social media channels are getting the best performance to increase your profit.

8.  Establishing your Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide the campaign and in-app activity related to your business goals. When you measure your performance with KPIs like the number of Active Users, Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Cost per Install (CPI), Click-Through Rate (CTR), and more, you get insights into how your app is performing and detect the weaknesses that need fixing.

9.  Retention campaigns

Retention rate is determined by the number of people using your app for a specific period of time. Our team at Origin uses retention to increase your app lifetime value (LTV) and return on ad spend (ROAS), as well as find out the reason people lose interest, prevent it, and improve your app. Our goal is to retain users for as long as possible for your app to get more significant interactions and profits.

10.  Email marketing

Email marketing is a strategy that helps you grow your retention rates and get more income. Email marketing targets people who have shown interest in your app by creating a mailing list to keep them updated about your latest offers and trends. A key component of email marketing is to craft customized emails with a clever call to action (CTA) that will compel people to visit your website or download your app.

11.  Craft striking infographics

By designing visually engaging infographics and sharing them on your blog, with writers, or on your social media account, you will be promoting your app in a creative way that helps people understand how it works.

12.  Applying for app awards

There are plenty of contests and organizations that offer prizes to new and innovative applications every year. Looking for these competitions and applying for them will give your app great exposure.

13.  Public speaking

Look for conventions and events where you can share your story, experience, and wisdom as an app developer, as well as host discussions and presentations. Always talk about why you created your app and the problems you aim to solve with it.

14.  Offering discounts

Promoting e-commerce apps is smart to display lower prices and special offers on specific days by sending notifications or emails to your users.

15.  Encouraging users to promote your app

By inserting an in-app “tell a friend” CTA, users can share your app with the people they know. Furthermore, you can encourage them by giving them discounts, coupons, or promo codes for every new user they bring.

16.  Giving out free trials

If your app is not free, you can provide people with a free trial run to gather more data about user behavior. Then, when you forge genuine connections with your users, there’s a higher chance for them to subscribe and pay for your app.

17.  Hosting an app launch party

Planning and hosting fun launch parties are ideal for generating a buzz and getting greater exposure for your app. To spread app awareness, you can invite your target audience, journalists, TV stations, influencers, and celebrities.

Why Origin?

At Origin, we strive to provide you with premium application marketing. Our experts’ approach centers on App Store Optimization. By employing marketing strategies catered for your target audience, they increase the number of downloads on Google Play and or the Apple’s App Store.

We also study your app analytics, traffic, and the actions your users take while browsing; these elements help us find the strengths and weaknesses of your app to establish a better advertising campaign and raise brand awareness. 

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