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The Brief

Blowsy Bloom is a flowers and chocolate company based in Doha, Qatar. Their products and creative arrangements make magnificent gift choices that are sure to bring a smile to a loved one’s face. The company asked Origin to use its marketing and branding skills to develop an identity for its brand.

A Blooming Identity

Identity is the pillar of every brand's success. If your brand lacks singular characteristics that make it stand out, it will not survive among its competitors. The secret to a well-organized branding strategy lies in creating unique designs that make a statement while increasing sales and profits. 

Blowsy Bloom delivers bespoke flower and chocolate arrangements meticulously made with love and care. Origin’s design department was inspired by the company service description, brand image, and target audience to design a set of branded items that aim to determine the brand identity and boost awareness.

The Logo:

We started brainstorming ideas for the logo by crafting numerous drafts that varied between minimalistic uplift and contemporary typography. Finally, after presenting the client with all the options, the version that captured their attention was the heart-shaped logo that combined the Latin B, the Arabic B "ب", a flower shape, and heart-shaped chocolate.

Once they chose the logo, our designers started experimenting with colors to find the palette that complements the design and stimulates minds. Our team tested several color scheme options to find the perfect match for the “heart” shaped logo before our team settled on a combination of pink, gray, black, and brown. 

The use of the two shades of pink symbolizes passion, flowers, love, and sentimentality. The use of brown evokes a sense of chocolate, whereas black and grey reflect professionalism and luxury.

Our creative designers finalized the logo with a simple yet elegant font to the heart-shaped design. In addition, we presented the client with both vertical and horizontal options in color with the letter mark design so that the logo can be adaptable to any marketing instrument and need. 

Business Cards:

We designed business cards and multiple stationary items using minimalist color palettes and typography. Since pink and white match Blowsy Bloom's brand aesthetic, we used them for the business cards as these colors symbolize flowers and love and reflect a professional brand image.