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The Brief

Helping house the people

Sakani was a project funded and operated by the Saudi Ministry of Housing with a clear vision to help every Saudi citizen become a homeowner.

Origin was approached by the Saudi Ministry of Housing to create a campaign for Sakani’s latest real estate development project. This ambitious project consisted of delivering over 1200 homes throughout the kingdom by 2021.

This was an important project for Origin and required a full MARCOM strategy to allow Sakani to achieve their goals. We had to create a communication strategy to reach the desired audience, conceptualize the creatives for the campaign, develop the content and key messages, create a theme and design for all artwork and create a cohesive and fluid design through the entire campaign.

Origin crafted an outdoor awareness campaign to change how developers were viewed to allow Sakani to thrive and succeed.  

Changing perception 

The challenge we faced was to break through the current perception of privately funded developments.

The industry was not viewed in a very positive light due to previous shortcomings. Most privately funded developers and contractors failed to deliver what was promised within their agreed time frame. Furthermore, many of the homes were poorly finished or built with inferior and poor quality materials. This led the market to distrust these large scale development projects.