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The Brief

30 Years Of Success - Rebranding the IECD

The Institut Européen de Coopération et de Développement (IECD) is a highly respected non-governmental organization (NGO) that supports human and economic development in different countries around the globe. In 2018, the IECD reached out to Origin to help them celebrate 30 years of success with a 30th-anniversary edition of their yearly exhibition.  

The IECD sets up yearly exhibitions in Lebanon where it helps students studying in technical fields find appropriate employment. The exhibitions take place in the Forum de Beyrouth.

Respected vendors such as Sanita and other industrial employers showcase their businesses to invited technical schools. Students can then make informed decisions about securing employment with these organizations.             

In this case, the exhibition had 2 editions, one in Beirut and the other in Tripoli, Lebanon’s North Governorate. 

Origin was tasked with rebranding IECD’s identity and launching the new brand and the latest edition of their exhibition. This included content strategy, creatives, social media community management, social media buying, and a brand launch event.

30 years? Time for a makeover  

The first task was to help the IECD redesign their logo to include the 30-year celebration. 

The logo of the IECD was instantly recognizable and respected throughout their area of operation. The new logo had to be built on the trust and respect that the previous logo had already earned.

Origin uplifted the new brand logo by adding the number 30 to the current logo, with particles of pollen spread around the logo to complement the flower shape from the existing design.   

The new logo was an organic extension of the existing design mirroring the growth and success of the past 3 decades. The pollen particles also gave a confetti-like appearance to celebrate the IECD achievement.

Brand new thinking 

After redesigning the logo, Origin worked closely with the IECD team to reinforce the new visual identity through brand collaterals. This included promotional materials such as pens, bags, badges, buttons, and other products to scale the brand identity. 

Origin then developed the specific event materials and the IECD main booth incorporating the new design, thus improving the visibility of the brand. The next task was to develop marketing content and strategies to promote the event.   

New Creatives: A light bulb went on 

Origin developed an innovative ‘out of home’ campaign based on the idea of a lightbulb made up of mechanical parts, which combines two of the most common majors in technical schools. 

This creative became central to the campaign and was used for a range of purposes including posters, billboards, leaflets, and other informative literature.