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The Brief

The power of branding: Connecting an agency with its audience

GDR Group is an Australian family business established in the 1980s that has grown from being a direct-mail company into a full-service, multi-channel marketing agency. 

Brands connecting over creativity 

Inspired by Origin’s brand and website, GDR Group contacted us to overhaul their brand and rebuild their image in a contemporary, digital attitude. 

  • Brand Building
  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Development
  • Brand Collaterals
  • Content Development

Re-imagining GDR

Our team created a brand identity and a website that would redefine GDR’s image and reintroduce it to the world as a powerful marketing agency.

Our cooperation strategy included a 3-step plan that started by understanding GDR and their identity, followed by building the GDR brand, and finally, designing and developing a website inspired by the new identity. 

Understanding GDR

Following a series of meetings and discussions, we discovered that the GDR brand revolves around the CEO Daizy Gedeon, an international filmmaker, and creative director motivated by storytelling and the art of connecting souls with a good story.

Building GDR

Storytelling is the oldest of art forms; it has been connecting people throughout history. But storytelling alone does not make a brand. After insightful research into the Australian market, we proposed to infuse the storytelling with the promise of making marketing meaningful and creating emotional connections. 

The new GDR brand promises its audience to bring their stories to life with empathy, tenacity, and imagination. 

Building upon this new promise, we developed the visual identity — a creatively designed look focusing on curved lines, artistic dots, and the playful GEEDEE character.

The GEEDEE, which was once an Asterix, became the whole identity and logo of GDR: 

We embodied GDR's spirit in the logo by integrating the eyes and glasses into the letters. And we used the lines to interpret the emotional connection of storytelling in the visual identity, along with dots in different shapes and colors to portray the diversity of stories told by GDR. 

Website design and development

After establishing the visual identity, our web designers, UI and UX experts started working to create a website that adequately represents GDR’s new look and feels. 

The website featured state of the art animation that captures the eye and soul of any visitor. The users’ journey starts on the homepage with the GDR logo and an interactive GEEDEE figure, with eyes that follow the cursor. 

While scrolling down, the curved lines start to animate taking users from one section to another, guiding them throughout the website. And the call-to-action buttons get highlighted by the circle designs. 

Altogether, the different website elements interact beautifully to bring the GDR website to life. 


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