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The Brief

Utopya Innovations Inc is a software and technology company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They got in touch with Origin, back in 2018 with a desire to expand their smartphone business into the Middle East. 

Because Utopya was struggling to build a solid identity for their brand, they lacked the international standards that would allow them to rival groundbreaking companies like Apple, Huawei, and Samsung.

How Utopya was built around simplicity

Origin put together an airtight strategy to rebrand and advertise Utopya. First, we established Utopya’s brand philosophy as facilitating the process of owning smartphones for people all around the world, making them a part of a broader technological community. 

Our biggest obstacle was to set up a brand fan base that would spread knowledge about Utopya to the biggest number of people possible. So we gave Utopya a fresh brand idea under the concept of “Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.”  

Next, we ran with this brand idea through every touchpoint, from brand positioning to innovation, communication, experience, and moment of purchase.

Origin built on Utopya’s “customer first” policy using their approach to empathize and help their consumers resolve the issues they face with their mobile devices. We helped shape Utopya’s brand of converting cutting-edge technology to readily available consumer technology.

The next step we took was to maximize a breakthrough market impact. By developing a high-profile launch, we selected ambassadors to represent Utopya and raise awareness about its method of making current technology simpler to use. 

After achieving all the steps in our well-thought-out marketing strategy, the results we got were outstanding. Utopya succeeded in building a solid brand identity and forming a bond with their consumers and finally became a remarkable competitor in the smartphone business.

“Changes call for Innovation and Innovation leads to progress”


Utopya’s Mood Board:

Finding the right design concept that contains different moods, feelings, and visions to match your brand can be challenging. Nonetheless, if you find the correct visuals, references, and designs, you can create the perfect mood board that inspires your design. 

When working with Utopya, we used neutral colors such as gray, white, and black because we wanted our designs to convey harmony and tranquility. We then added a dash of green to represent nature, rejuvenation, and vitality, which are three essential elements of Utopya's concept. 

In addition, instead of using cornered and edgy forms, we incorporated multiple earthy round shapes in the mood boards to give Utopya a welcoming and pleasant vibe.